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Wednesday 20 January 2010

Widows, Nuns, Lesbians: Mon Jan 18, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Daran Little, directed by David Kester

Molly has a restless night's sleep as she thinks about the news she's to break to Tyrone once he awakes. Are we really supposed to believe that a man like Tyrone does not snore like two-pigs-in-a-blanket when he sleeps? Molly attempts to tell Tyrone, only he reminds her that it's the anniversary of Vera's death, so Molly puts it off. I'm shocked this has stopped her, being so selfish and all. Kev tries to change Molly's mind over leaving Tyrone but his efforts are wasted. Kev figures that their affair will come out and hurt Sally if she leaves Tyrone, but Molly cares nowt. Sally is concerned about their future, and makes Kev promise to get himself checked out for cancer also.

Meanwhile, Tyrone is complaining to Kev about how exhausting it is to live with Molly and her moods. Sally's back home and Molly is even more distraught. She tells Ty they need to talk after work, it's important. Tyrone asks for advice from Jack who tells him "women are all the same, but they all think they're different, but they all want a man to take charge of 'em." He says that Molly is out of control because he set no boundaries. Poor Jack as he mourns his Vera's death. Molly tells Tyrone that she treats him badly because she doesn't want to be married to him anymore - she's leaving. Tyrone is obviously in shock, but that doesn't stop Molly from leaving. Poor Tyrone, although I think he's better off. Tyrone assumes she's having an affair, and asks who it is, but she denies it. She also tells him that she's never deserved him. She's right there.

Ryan makes digs at Michelle for living her life vicariously through his. Because she hasn't got a romance, she needs to obsess over his love life. Whatever! Michelle says she won't be "all vicariously-ish" and Ryan corrects her that it's "vicariously." Little Ken Barlow in the making or what? Sian complains to Ryan that she can't talk to her father about anything, and her mum's not interested in her anymore. Sian's father drives up to the street and tells Sian to come home since she's seen comments on her facebook page (goddamn facebook!) and he knows they're having sex. Michelle comes to the rescue and Sian's father basically calls her a prossie for knowing about his daughter's sex life. Michelle gets Sian's father to leave, but not quietly. This isn't the last we've seen of him, and he's made that clear. Sian figures the only solution is to run away, but Ryan insists she live there with him.

Becky and Steve are still at it. *Yawn* Becky accuses him of being annoying, but Steve says he's being as he always is - annoying? Becky's misery is looking for company from Betty over Steve's attitude. Becky figures Steve is putting her out of his bed and his pub. Betty points out that Becky doesn't have as much as the upper hand as she thinks by taking care of the place despite Steve's nonchalance. Steve pokes the fire by telling Becky he's bought new golf clubs. Betty warns her not to let him get to her, but she should settle this soon or it'll get out of hand.

Steve encourages Kelly to join he, Lloyd and Teresa in a booze-fest since he's 'single.' Of course, Kelly takes him up on this offer, much to Becky's chagrin.

Gail's delighted since she's booked another viewing, and Joe is overly excited about it. David purposely comes in with muddy shoes when they're cleaning up the house for the viewing. David's peeved about them selling the place and putting him out, and Gail tells him that he does need his independence. David puts an end to the viewing by letting the prospective buyers know about all the ex-cons and paedophiles living on the street. Well, it is true. The visitors to the street leave disappointed and terrified.

To beat the recession, and suffering sales at the salon, Audrey has the idea to go to the customers if they won't go to them. David tells his Gran and Natasha about how he's put off the prospective buyers and how he plans to continue doing this. Natasha tells David that he's basically a selfish Mummy's boy and that Tina's never going to want him back that way, but David just tells her off. Audrey tells him that he needs to concentrate on his own life.

Anna and Eddie are full-blown missing Gary, well, Anna at least. Anna shows off pictures of Gary in his army uniform to Hayley in the pub.

- Haha, Jack's "sage" advice to Tyrone, and Betty telling him that she's 90 soon, and what he's just said is the biggest load of cottswad (?) in her whole life! I love scenes with Betty.
- Jack's other advice: "Widows, nuns, lesbians - stay well clear of 'em."
- Jack mourning over Vera's wedding band, as Betty hands him a pint and a kiss on the head, on the house.
- The prospective buyer family for Gail's house witnessing every-day altercations on the street between residents (the stuff WE love) and being terrified. This was an interesting perspective.
- Sometimes you pray, and you receive. Cheers to the picture of Gary in fatigues just as I'd hoped to see!

- Okay, last weekend we got a rather "adult audience" view of Eddie Windass bending over in his dressing gown. This week we've got to be subject to Ryan in his dressing gown. Yuk both ways! I know there's probably loads of teenage girls that disagree with me, but some guys should just keep it shut!
- Molly going on selfishly about how her life is "this" and "that" and not giving a care about anyone or anything else. Why doesn't she just go for a run or something?
- Tyrone's face when Molly said she didn't love him. HOW HEARTBREAKING??? The poor guy has been rejected by women his entire life, well, except for our Vera. Molly even made a comment about his weight! How rude!
- Is anyone else feeling the lack of Blanche presence this last month? I know I have. :(

Looking forward to:
Seeing Molly return to the street.

NOT looking forward to:
The eventual blow-out after Becky finds that Steve's been boozing around with trampy Kelly.


Anonymous said...

Betty says "codswallop" which is a polite British way of saying bs!!

Billy Niblick said...

It's true that there are at least 3 ex-cons living on the street that I can think of (Stape, Kevin, Deirdre), but no paedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Add to that Steve, Becky and Kelly (although not strictly living there). The Croppers who were accused of kidnap and a prostitute - not what you would like to see on the house details.

Tvor said...

True there are ex cons. And David is one of them! The paedophile he was talking about was Stape. Ok, not technically one but it was damn close and more than a few of the residents accused him of it.

gadgee said...

I must have had something in my eye when Betty gave Jack his pint and a kiss on the head. Lovely moment, top Corrie.

Yoork said...

@ anon1 - Thanks!

@ Bill Niblick:

Ex-Cons on Coronation Street:
- John Stape,
- David Platt,
- Steve McDonald
- Becky McDonald
- Kelly Crabtree (though not official)
- Graeme Proctor (though not official)
- Deirdre Barlow
- Gary Windass

Paedophile is John Stape (technically? or not?)

@ Tvor - Thanks!

@ gadgee - me too, must be something in the air ;)

Anonymous said...

Other ex-jail occupants:

Tvor said...

Why would Kelly and Graeme be non-official ex-cons? I'm sure we were told that Kelly and Becky were ex-cell mates and we met Graeme when he was in the nick with David. Hayley has also been in jail as has Sunita. To be fair, though, Sunita was charged but not found guilty as it was Mad Maya that impersonated her.

Unknown said...

They're unofficial because graeme and kelly don't actually live on coronation street.


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