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Sunday 17 January 2010

Men Do Not Eat Cake: Fri Jan 15, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Ian Bevitt

It's the day of Sally's operation and Kev wants everyone to act as normal. Tyrone is feeling guilty about his new job opportunity and tells Kev that he's decided to turn it down and stay at Websters' Auto Centre. He doesn't let Kev tell him otherwise. Sally shares her concerns with Kevin, and she's very scared, but Kev assures her that they'll get through it and he's not going anywhere. While waiting for Sally when she's in the operating room, Kev tells Rosie about his mother dying from cancer when he was 14. It's alright so far for Sally, since the operation went well and she'll be home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Tyrone tells Molly about how he's turned down the job to stay with Kevin. Molly is, needless to say, unhappy about this executive decision. Tyrone convinces Molly to stop by Kev's and decides to pick them up fish and chips and leaves Molly and Kev alone. Molly drops a bomb to Kev and says she's leaving Tyrone anyway, and can't live across the street from Kevin. Molly says her and Tyrone are finished.

The factory girls start a collection to buy Sally a nice gift, but Kelly doesn't understand why she has to be nice to Sally only because she's got cancer. Janice and Fiz give Kev the gift they had for Sally and offered their help.

Sian comes by to apologise to Sophie for lying. Since they made a pledge and broke it, and she regrets lying to Sophie. Sian says she doesn't regret sleeping with Ryan, since she loves him, but she wants her friend back. Sian promises to always be there for Sophie.

Anna is planning on having a farewell do for Gary going away to the army, regardless of how cheap his father is being towards a party. Gary doesn't want speeches since they're cringe-making. I think his father is cringe-making, but to each our own. Gary also doesn't want a cake, since "men do not eat cake." Only steak? Anna is very upset about her "little baybee" going away to the army. Eddie is making a cake anyway, and Anna warns him that it better be tasteful and not untoward. Oh, is Eddie ever untasteful of untoward? The nerve of that woman to even suggest such a thing!

Chesney asks Gary if he's scared of getting killed in a war zone, with being in the army and all. Gary looks as though he never thought of that, but tells Chesney if "it happens, it happens." That's a very cavalier attitude. Gary tells Chesney that the army is his big chance to do something, and he's going to grab it with both hands.

At Gary's going-away, Eddie reveals a hand grenade-shaped dome cake. Ta-da! Everyone loves the cake, as usual. Eddie and Gary are hard towards each other acting like "real men", but eventually break down and exchange a spit handshake. Playground style. Dastardly David plants a target sign on Gary's back. Wow, that's pushing it, even for David. Chesney sees this and gives a bad look, but does nothing about it. Anna sees the target and realises David had done it and tells David that Gary's putting his neck on the line for spineless idiots like him. Anna loses it and tells David that it ought to be him shot to bits and paraded back in a coffin, not him. Everyone agrees that Gary is worth a thousand Davids. David even looks a bit convinced for once. Eddie buys drinks for the pub, and gives Gary a very heartwarming (cringe-making) speech, and his best Rick Blaine "here's looking at you kid" and off is Gary. Oh, but not without a goodbye card from his father.

Norris gets a shock to find Mary in the Rovers since she was supposed to be in Scotland. What is he going to do?

Steve tries to make headway with Becky, but Becky is stubborn as a mule and won't give him an inch. Becky tells Steve to get it through his thick head: she does not want kids. Steve puts his foot down and tells Becky they can't go on like this, but he seems to have put his foot down on rather unsteady ground as Becky's not budging.

Dev is on cloud nine after the children's party went so smoothly. Sunita calls Dev because something's up with Aysha. What does Sunita need now? Aysha's got a fever and a rash. This sounds like a job for the Devster! It seems that Sunita completely forgot to call Matt and only called Dev. Matt figures this out later, and seems concerned and would have liked to have known sooner. Sigh with relief, the doctor's arrived and Asha doesn't have meningitis as Sunita thought, but just a virus.


- Kevin sweetly holding Sally's hand in the hospital bed. Even if he is a lying cheat.
- Poor Anna Windass upset about her boy going away to the army, and the conversation between her and Steve at the Rovers setting up for the farewell party. I thought it was a nice scene. I don't the the Rovers will lose too much business to the new bar opening up.
- Eddie making Gary a cake for his farewell, regardless of the little known fact that "men don't eat cake."
- The little girl who plays Aysha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) is so adorable! I love our Corrie Young un's.

- Tyrone talking about how Kev is a "top man" for taking care of his wife when she has cancer. Too bad he doesn't know about that "top man" on top of his wife.
- Kelly and her bad attitude towards being nice to Sally only because she has cancer. It's called being a nice person, regardless to whom your goodwill is directed too. She needs to take a page from the book of Emily Bishop.
- Sunita exclaiming in terror about how children die of this sickness, in the same room as her sick daughter. How sensitive.

Looking forward to:
Gary in army fatigues! And more "real" storylines. I am enjoying both the Gary-Army storyline and Sally's breast-cancer storyline. Anything that gives our favourite (or not so) characters more substance.

NOT looking forward to:
Sleazy Dev winning Sunita from Matt.


Anonymous said...

I reckon there's a dark side to Matt that we haven't seen. It's going to be a lurking nastiness thats there, I can feel it. Dev will save the day as he has done before and good luck to him! That character needs the earthing that this storyline will bring!

Walzing Matilda said...

Why wasnt Dev and Sunita's daughter in bed? Why was she lying on the sofa? Sorry but not enjoying Sunita's return, why has Dev suddenly found interest in his children now they are 6? It just doesnt ring true to me. I didnt like Sunita first time round, why we have to be subjected to her again I dont know!


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