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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update - January 18, 2010

This week the update has been wondering if spring is in the air or if it's just feeling warm 'cos it's having its first hot flush. Is it hot in this update or is it just me? And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Big story of the week has been Sally Webster, who's been the talk of the Street but not in any way that she'd have liked. She has her lumpectomy in hospital but before Kev drives her there for her overnight stay, the factory girls want to know why Sally's been given special leave from work when they can't even have an afternoon off. They rage and rant, grunt and moan until finally Rosie snaps at them all in the Rovers and tells them the truth about Sally. It was good to see Rosie lose her temper with them all, taking a break from pouting and preening for shouting and screaming in defence of her mum.

Kelly Crabtree doesn't turn a hair. "I never liked Sally before she had cancer and I don't like her now." You have to see her point, even if you don't agree. Sally's let loose from the ward the next day as her lump goes for tests and she'll find out the results this coming Friday. Until then, Kev and the girls close ranks around Sally and support her as best as they can.

Sunita and Dev draw closer this week as it's the twins birthday party and Dev hosts it in his flat. Jesse provides the entertainment with Sean finding his calling as Jesse's new Hiyalowa. And after the warm glow of green jelly and Jesse have settled after the party, Sunita only goes and calls Dev again when she thinks their little girl has come down with meningitis. Myself, if I had a child showing symptoms of a life-threatening illness I would have called the doctor not a feckless ex-husband, but each to their own. Fortunately the kid turns out to be ok and Dev's really happy to be back in Sunita's good books. Not long now and he'll be back in her pants.

Over at Chez Platt, Gail tries out her new name, writing her signature over and over - Gail McIntyre, Gail McIntyre, Gail McIntyre. Well, she probably has problems remembering what surname she's got. Joe watches and learns how his new wife signs her name. "It's got a big whoosh on the Y," Gail tells him, and Joe copies that whoosh as he fills in life insurance claim forms for himself and Mrs Mc but conveniently forgets to tell her he's done so.

In the back lane of the Street, there's rubbish-rage going on. The binmen refuse to take any bins that are over-full and so Eddie Windass spreads his rubbish around in other people's bins while wearing the most disgusting dressing gown ever to sully British TV. However, Eddie redeemed himself somewhat this week when he baked a farewell cake in the shape of a hand-grenade as the Street waved off Gary Windass to his army basic training. Anna's upset at losing her son, convinced that he'll get blown to bits and sent home in a coffin. David doesn't add to the party spirit or Anna's nerves when he puts a target on Gary's back.

David also scuppers Gail's hope of a house sale when he puts off potential buyers by telling them the truth about their neighbours; well, there's ex-cons, sex-fiends, fighters, druggies, drunkards and prossies. And as if to prove his point, the house-hunters leave with David's words ringing in their ears only to run into a ruckus on the cobbles as Michelle has shouty words with Sian's dad who's come to give Ryan what-for after he finds out from Sian's Facebook page that she's been sleeping with Michelle's son.

And finally this week, Molly leaves Tyrone. She takes her suitcase and leaves him with tears in his eyes and a stupefied expression on his face: "I'll go on a diet," he whined. Ooh, the bitch. I hope she doesn't come back. She picked her moment too, it was only the second anniversary of Vera's death, which Tyrone was already upset about. Talk about hitting a man when he's down. Molly lies and says there's no-one else, she just doesn't love Ty any more but he remains suspicious that there's someone else involved.

And that's just about that for this week.

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Cobblestone said...

I really didn't think it was possible for Molly to come over as even more hateful than she already had ... boy, was I wrong.

Let her go and not come back! If she really must be pregnant, let her go to the other side of Manchester and give birth to it in Diggory's cake shop. Then let her raise it amid the cream horns & eccles cakes and keep the secret from Tyrone & Kevin for 16 years or so, when the child can come looking for his/her father with Molly recast as another actress.

Molly makes it almost possible to feel affection for Norris!

Cobblestone said...

Oh, and wasn't Betty fabulous! I love the fact that Becky and Betty have both finally noticed what we fans have been screaming for months - Me-me-Michelle never does any work!

Anonymous said...

Loved the gripping break-up scene(s)...finally after all this Molvin! Unpleasant, yes. Poor Tyrone who thought he had everything now has to contend with nothing but shards of a broken marriage/life, true love...awful for such a nice, but simple, easy-going fella like him. Let's hope the healing isn't too wretched or protracted and he finds someone else...


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