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Saturday 30 January 2010

Eye of the Tiger: Thu Jan 28, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Stuart Davids

Janice has a sour word with the binman who won't take her bin since it's not shut - since it's so full. Has the bin fairy been around Janice's? Janice later tells Leanne that the binman took her rubbish and that he was cute and all. Leanne informs Janice that she'll need her help for the hard-hat-party.

Becky is still down in the dumps and being very protective over that bin bag she brought home the other day. Becky has two glasses of brandy for breakfast and leaves. Hayley sees her sat at the bus stop with her bin bag, but Becky's being secretive about where she's going. After she returns, Steve's got Kelly in the pub to tell Becky that nothing happened between the two of them. Becky doesn't give a fig and leaves. Hayley persuades Becky to come in for something to eat and for a chat. Hayley figures there's something Becky's not telling them. Becky tells them she was at an undertakers organizing a funeral - for her mother. The bin bag is full of all her mother's personal effects. Becky tells Hayley and Roy that she doesn't want Steve to know.

It's the day of Rosie's boob-job and Kevin can't understand why she's not scared. Rosie figures it's okay since the waiting room is posh and they have up-to-date fashion mags. Tyrone doesn't think there's anything wrong with Rosie's plastic surgery and says if he had the money he'd get some lipo on his man-boobs to impress Molly. Meanwhile, Molly cruelly rejects Tyrone again. Tyrone gets mad at her for it, and tells her to get out of his life. You go, boy! Molly now sits alone in the shop flat eating her microwave dinner for one. Or is it just desserts?

Kevin relents and realizes that he cares for Rosie and can't let her go through with the surgery alone, so he offers to take her much to Rosie's shock. In the waiting room, Rosie tells Kev that after the operation she'll be a 32FF. I think I know what the two F's stand for, but this isn't the place. Kevin's trying to understand what's going on in Rosie's head and tells her she's too bright to be taken in by all this superficiality. Rosie eventually breaks down to her father about how upset she is about her mum getting cancer. She then tells Kevin that his plans worked and she's not going through with it, since it feels wrong.

Jumpy Joe is on the phone to someone who requires both his and Gail's signatures for something. Oh, what now? Joe goes by the Kabin and Tina knows he's up to something, but Joe lets it slide.

- Janice holding onto the binman's rear-view mirror as he drives away.
- When Kevin asks if Rosie's scared to go under the knife for her boob job, Sophie chimes in "You have to suffer for your art, Dad." Haha.
- Mary's rendition of "Eye of the Tiger." I had flashbacks from Rocky, I swear.

- Steve still being brash with Becky. And Becky's annoying silence, why doesn't she just tell him that her mum's died? People can't feel sorry for you unless they know what they're to feel sorry about.

Looking forward to: More action between Janice and the bin man.
NOT looking forward to: Whatever plan Jumpy-Joe has next for Gail.


Ena's Hairnet said...

The Steve/Becky bickerfest is boring. What was the point of the story of Rosie's "boob job" it was pretty obvious she wasnt going to get it done in the end. Love Mary, especially as she scares Tina LOL!

DRU said...

keep an eye on the binman

Tvor said...

*snork* just desserts! Nice one!

Eye of the Tiger was scary! There was a line in there i think, about stalking or something that she really relished singing!


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