Thursday, 3 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 02 Oct 7.30 pm

Having put Kel in a coma, Paul seems beaten by Billy into some kind of confession /submission thus finding himself at the police station. I thought he was going to confess to the beating, but it appears the vicar wants him to confess about the abuse, instead. Will this mitigate the beating, maybe? I'm confused! Awake from his coma, Kel is faced with questioning from the police (about the beating, not the abuse, keep up). Although he lies to the cops, he still faces interrogation from Bernie.  Put off by confessing all to the police, Paul decides instead to visit Kal in the hospital instead (I'm assuming for drama purposes as that makes no sense?). Gemma is caught in the crossfire as Bernie demands answers from them both.

Also perplexing, is Sophie's decision to quit Speed Daal for a boring college course? Least Kev's in a flirtatious mood though, he's a date with a lady called Martine and jokes to Sophie about carrying a 'spanner' in his pocket. I'm unsure whether this is 'Carry On' Corrie or innuendo bingo?

Less innuendo, more #MeToo, Michelle is feeling the strain of pervy Ray and tells Robert she pulling a sickie,  dreading the prospect of going into work. Later, randy Ryan has a visit from Alya but noticing Michelle's (more mardy than usual) mood, she quickly leaves.

Meanwhile, Asha's deception of Dev continues, as she readies for her date. Dev is perturbed by Asha's teenage behaviour and quizzes Maria, and Sophie, about how to broach the subject. Realising the enormity of that error, he calls Mary instead. I was squirming at that 'birds and the bees' speech, never mind Asha!

Talking of dates, Kev is stood up at The Bistro, but consoled by a visit from Abi. Could there be slow-burning chemistry between boss and employee?

The same cant be said for Gary and Fiz I imagine but I reckon we could have a new name for Coronations Street's antique shop? I'm thinking of 'Redhead Relics'?

I'm SURE you guys can do better than that!

Gary meanwhile, is slightly sidetracked. Following Dev's dubious advice and some chivalrous spending, he's suddenly noticed that Maria (who he has shared the street with for years), is quite attractive! Is Gary about to beat-up Ali, and make Maria his new moll?

Back at the Garage, Abi is confronted by a visitor and mistakenly thinks it's Kevin's late date, but it's not, it's his sister Debbie! (played by the original actress from 1984, no less)

I wonder what she's doing on the street. Any ideas?

Keep an eye out for my 8.30 pm episode review, to find out.

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