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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 11 October 2019

Was it me or was Monday just a touch lacking in warmth?  Sinead returned, Ali was far from high, Asha went to the doctors, Liam nearly burned his hands, Claudia did not get her holiday whilst Robert was whisked away on one!  The nearest Ali came to raising a laugh was when he was caught napping by Aggie and Ryan with the latter about to record his sleeping "sibling" (above) - who was merely resting his eyes and is fully aware of everything happening around him - an excuse I have often used myself but rarely at 08:20!  Ali warns Ryan off but the latter tends not to believe Ali's story that he has had an exhausting night with Maria.

Wise old Auntie Debbie has just told Sophie to use the money unwisely and not to grow up too quickly.  Easily lost however is that face of Paula's in the background.  If looks could kill the ones that she is aiming at Auntie Debbie are pretty damaging!  Hail and farewell Debbie.  I hope you will come back again in the future.

Talking of Debbie's many of you will remember Anna Windass portrayed by Debbie Rush.  Ms Rush has been part of the team involved in Brassic with Michelle Keegan (also late of this parish) and the actor who was Jamie Armstrong and later Eli Dingle in Emmerdale is the lead character.  Certainly this comedy programme has been entertaining us in recent evenings!

The lady who did not turn up for Kev last week finally arrived with Martine Skelton displaying and discussing her body art - and she is suggesting Kev might like to ask which is the hardest one to find.  She even suggests that most men like to look for all eleven themselves.  Abi is sat at the Bistro bar and Kev seems keener on Abi than the painted lady in front of him.  It brought to mind a song of my youth by Paddy Roberts - Tattooed Lady.  I fear it merely demonstrates my age.  I hope it is not the last we have seen of this particular character but I fear it probably is.

Also materialising after a lengthy absence is Sally (above) who told Kev and Tim "If I had not weighed myself down with so much responsibility then I'd be more intrepid, travel wise".  She believes she has "that get-up-and-go temperament".  The expressions on Kev and Tim's faces tell a completely different story.  We all know why Sophie has to go travelling and I really hope that during her travels she finds Rosie and they both return to the Street and perhaps some one can set up a creche!

One of David's fellow inmates is Abe Crowley (Liam Boyle) who has had a mobile phone delivered to him by his mother.  David notes that Abe is no Paul Daniels and ignoring that he is no longer with us, Abe makes reference (above) to the very bendy Debbie McGee (most famous for the Mrs Merton question of course).

And whilst I have no piccies we should note the great warmth which arose from Emily's Skype communication from Scotland.  Later the Ken Barlow monologue concerning Sinead over a montage of the impact on much of the Street of her latest news is I am sure bound to be submitted for an award of some sort.  The general distress enabled Eileen to return and patch up her relationships with both Sean and Liz.

Early this week as there is no Friday episodes and it will be a small post next week as there are only 4 episodes.  Now I can get off to Emmerdale for the weekend.

Written by: Cameron McAllister & Alasdair Morrison (Monday); Jan McVerry & Julie Jones (Wednesday)
Directed by: Vicky Thomas (Monday); Duncan Foster (Wednesday)


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Ken's monologue was much in the style of Gail's soliloquy after Aiden's suicide. I don't know that Gail's was better but Ken's felt too similar and consequently the impact was lost.

CK said...

Didn't Sophie lose all of Kevin's scratch card winnings on a bogus charity a while ago and promised to pay him back?


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