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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 18 October 2019

The hour long episode kicks off with Shona trying to contact Max who is not answering the phone having stayed at Marion's overnight (we have not been told how come he is contact with his other grandmother - especially as she has a new face - the old face is mourning the loss of a rapist son in a murder in Emmerdale so she is probably feeling typecast).  He is probably trying to avoid Shona who is hugging a cushion to her stomach whilst being on the phone, I wonder why?  Sarah suggests getting some legal advice from Adam!  In prison David is giving hair cutting lessons!  Abe warns David that the inmates are getting a bit restive and there has been some fighting recently.  Shona visits and tells David about Max and Marion.  David says he will be out in three weeks and the wedding is all planned and Marion can not get custody in that period so they can fix it once he is home.  David goes to collect his epilepsy tablets and through a window he spies a new inmate who has been the subject of an attack (above) - Josh returns.  Abe relates that Josh was attacked because he is an alleged rapist who drugs his targets.  David admits he knows that Josh is capable of doing such things as it happened to him.

Gemma and co are busy tonight.  Her antics at the football gate are all over the papers and online.  When this news reaches Bernie's ears her eyes light up with £50 notes, especially when the unsolicited deliveries of baby goods and an offer of high chairs is made.  Rosa Vale works in PR and turns up at the Rovers, with Berni's connivance, to help monetise the quads.  Her pitch is cut short when Gemma goes into labour and they rush off to the hospital.

Sinead now has a carer visiting regularly and is feeling much weaker.  She is declining rapidly.  One of the biggest mysteries tonight was Tracy.  I think the real one has been abducted by aliens as the Tracy we saw offers help to Beth and Kirk and later when they decide to organise an early Christmas for Sinead she agrees to cook the turkey with all the trimmings.

Yasmeen has fallen for Geoff's trickery and Zeedan has agreed to them buying his share so that he can finance his new life with a girlfriend.  Geoff cannot wait until he can tell Alya to stop bossing him around because apparently that is how she spends her time (something we have never seen and he is employed as a waiter as Yasmeen pointed out on Wednesday).  Also apparently once he is in charge they will start serving alcohol (apparently it is only Alya who is anti-alcohol).  Alya is not amused when Zeedan tells her about her new partners.

Bethany is finding that there is not much room for writing once Emma commences her beauty regime (above), they are all sharing Maria's flat I believe.  Emma asks about the short story and then starts pondering why no-one ever talks about long stories!  Following advice from Susan and Brian to write what she knows, Bethany starts on another story.  Later Bethany's "boyfriend", James Bailey, reads it we find that it is the "fictional" tale of a young blonde in love with the husband of a dying cancer sufferer.  He suggests it needs making less personal before it is submitted for publication as it is too recognisable.

Written by Martin Allen and Mark Wadlow, directed by Tim O'Mara


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Please have Ken go to Audrey's for a long overdue haircut, he looks a mess...really!


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