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Monday, 28 October 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 25 October 2019

It is reportedly going to be hard to avoid the Sinead story this week and so I will kick of with her obvious enjoyment of "snow" for her "Christmas".  Her Christmas followed the pattern many experience come the day itself - a huge build up as the anticipation kicks in; a huge lunch (surprisingly therefore there is always some pud left over which goes to Bethany; my preference is for the cold turkey) and then inevitably the family row (best avoided if possible) but here setting Daniel off.  He is convinced Sinead is tired (and she is) but let her go to sleep with the family around her rather than causing further disagreement.

In a recent prison visit Shona confirmed that the wedding is on 7 November (although events may derail that); looking at the size of the "bump" being "hidden" by the cushion which Shona clutches as a tightly as any safety blanket as she moves around one has to hope that the ceremony will happen before her departure!  David is suffering in a prison riot and there is not much comedy in seeing a prison block - even a closed one which is regularly used for filming purposes - being destroyed.

Leaving aside the carefully placed washing basket there was a moment of warmth for the Platts household after Shona suggested that Max (who apparently skipped most of the day at school) might do some homework rather than play a computer game and he observes that returning home was "totally the wrong choice".  But all were grinning!

Whilst well known for his blistering delivery of the single word "What?!" this was a slightly gentler delivery than normal from Ken as Daniel confesses his misbehaviour and his plan to tell Sinead in line with the soap promise of no more secrets!  Ken is hardly one to judge Daniel's activities given his own history!

A shout out to the older members of the cast who are bringing their years of experience to work with the younger ones.  Bethany has told Audrey what happened and so Audrey climbs the stairs twice in one day - a struggle she says - to ensure that her great grand-daughter is not suffering too much.

Thursday night extra was entrusted to Jonathan Harvey to handle the inevitable reconciliation between Sinead and Daniel.  In the scene prior to this one we have seen Daniel being found on the canal-side - Beth of course goes onto say "... and he can lie in it".  Sinead's riposte that she would prefer him to be lying face-down in a ditch ... somewhere just about sums up where he almost was.  However the key element tonight, in an elegantly written segment, was delivered by Sinead as she video-recorded a message for Bertie which I am sure will re-appear at some point in the future.

Earlier in the week it was reported that the nurse was incapable of making a decent cup of tea and Ellen Taylor who took the writing job for a very difficult Friday made it clear that her other responsibilities were also not keen on the quality of her tea!  Obviously we (apart from Daniel) all know that the end is imminent.  So much of the episode was around when Sinead was awake with a fade to black when she was slipping asleep.  So finding lighter moments takes some doing.

On the right above is the back of Gail's head and hopefully you can see the plait in Gail Rodwell's hair, but I think we all know that she is Gail Platt really!

The clan gathered, left to right, Aunty Beth, Granny Nancy and Mother Arlene.  I hope that this is not the last we see of Mother and Granny.  And in a sad footnote Juliette Kaplan who played Great Gran Agnes died on 10 October 2019.  Even at the end Arlene demonstrated her parental inadequacy and we all noted that whilst Beth may not be the best mother in the world there are worse!

See you next week with a little more cheer!

Writers: Joe Turner & Owen Lloyd-Fox (Monday); Jayne Hollinson & Debbie Oates (Wednesday);  Jonathan Harvey (Thursday); Ellen Taylor (Friday)
Directors: Tim O'Mara (Monday); Michael Lacey (Wednesday & Thursday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Audrey wants to ensure that Bethany who caused more pain kissing Daniel while Sinead is on her death bed isn't 'suffering 'too much?!
Audrey needs to visit the Barlows to see who really is sufferin and Bethany needs to get over herself and grow up!

C in Canada said...

Where has Sinead's mother been through all of this?? Terrible gap in the storyline here.


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