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Friday, 25 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 25 October

Well that was all heartbreakingly sad wasn’t it. There’s not a dry eye in the house here at Kelstar Towers. Admittedly Mr Kelstar left the room as soon as the opening credits started but I feel sure he’s silently weeping upstairs while he plays his tapes.

The episode was entirely focussed on Sinead’s last hours. In too much pain to get up, we see her drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the day and waking up to different sets of people at her bedside. 

She tells Beth that she forgives Daniel for his indiscretion with Bethany as it came out of stress and grief, but when she winces in pain an angry Beth shouts at Daniel that she should be in a hospice. He gets Dr Gaddas but is told that Sinead is too fragile to be moved and that she could die in transit. A devastated Daniel realises that Sinead won’t last the day.

Billy comes over and Sinead gives him an envelope with instructions for her funeral. She says that she’s not scared of dying, she’s scared of leaving the ones she loves. They talk about what the afterlife could be like with Sinead hoping it’s like a cinema where she’ll be able to watch Bertie growing up.

Out on the Street, Sally and Tracy ambush Bethany calling her a bitch and telling her how low it is to seduce a man whose wife is dying of cancer. As Bethany tearfully struggles to defend herself a taxi pulls up and out steps Gail! Sporting a plait, an overgrown fringe, and some dodgy Eastern philosophy Gail tells her granddaughter that we have no control over the forces around us(?) and that when she got to Thailand, she was lost but has managed to find herself. Well Gail that’ll happen if you fly off on a whim without even packing a suitcase. Next time take five minutes to pop to WH Smiths and get yourself a guidebook!

Back at the flat Sinead cuddles up to Daniel and Bertie and Daniel tells her he’s terrified of doing everything on his own. She says that Bertie won’t remember her but he tells her he will talk about her all the time. When Bertie gets restless Daniel reads a story to him and watching the two people she loves most Sinead peacefully passes away.

Her family all return and offer words of comfort to Daniel while Billy says a prayer for Sinead but the final scene is of Daniel and Bertie alone as he realises they will have to face life without her.

Well Corrie fans, what did we think of that? I must admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Sinead, with her unusual fashion sense and weirdly long vowel sounds but I liked her pairing with Daniel. It’s a shame we can’t have a Street couple just having a long happy marriage without some sort of betrayal or tragedy. But such is soap-life. Great performances from all the cast tonight. It was hard to watch but brilliantly done. Bravo chaps.

Anyways I must go as I’ve got something in my eye. Catch me on twitter @MsKelstar.
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Eryn said...

Here in Canada 🇨🇦 we are a few weeks behind. But I can say that I’m glad this storyline will have an end very soon. It’s very depressing. I understand and think it’s great to tackle real world issues in a soap drama. However to drag it on is just torture. I will not miss Sinead in the least. I can’t stand Beth’s shrieking voice either. I like the possible pairing of Bethany and Daniel, makes it very interesting. But the timing is unrealistic as in reality Daniel wouldn’t be thinking romantically of another woman.

Anonymous said...

Well that was a hard watch. Few years back I went for a smear and they found pre-cancerous cells so it hit close to home for me tonight. I also wasn't a big fan of Sinead and found this storyline a bit too long BUT this week was fantastic. I do look forward to the next chapter, how will Daniel cope? And Beth? I do wish Sinead told Beth that she was like a mother to her, but I think the "I love you" was it. Also wish she told her to also forgive him because I don't wanna see Beth blaming Daniel...but that's how she will let her grief out I guess.

Great performances tonight.

maggie muggins said...

Oh dear, floods. I'm old enough to have lost several close loved ones, and this was very well done, more realistic than the show is usually. Katie McLynn and the whole team must have been drained by the end of filming. I liked the moments of jokiness sprinkled into some scenes, especially between Sinead and Daniel.

Thinking back to Alma's deathbed scenes, this really brought out how differently we talk about and approach death compared to back then. And even now, it's still done in whispers and rarely. So nice to hear references to Deidre, Alma and even Adam mentioning his losses too. William Roache looked genuinely sad on remembering Deirdre / Anne.

Enjoy it because I doubt we'll ever hear musings about the afterlife on Corrie again! Oh wait - what's that you say Gail?

Anonymous said...

I think you've got it all wrong there. When you watch the episodes you'll realise that. Beth was brilliant with Sinead. Daniel wasn't thinking romantically about another woman. And Corrie didn't drag Sinead's death out. She deteriorated rapidly. I hope you change your opinion when you watch the episodes

Louby said...

I thought this week's episodes were brilliant, apart from the kissing Bethany bit, that for me just added more heartache for Sinead. Some fantastic scenes; everyone sitting talking about death (btw did I miss it or did Adam not mention his mum?), Kirk with baby Bertie and Sinead recalling when she played a trick on her mum. Even Chesney not being able to find the courage to see her one more time, and Craig not really knowing what to say. So sad at the end, Daniel and Bertie without Sinead.

CK said...

I was upset long after the show ended. It was very painful to be reminded of loved ones lost to cancer but Sinead's scenes also reminded me to not worry about stupid stuff and enjoy the day. Very well done.


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