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Friday, 11 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 9th Oct 8.30 pm

Sinead's friends and family are in utter shock at the discovery of her announcement; those gathered are aghast, emotionally numbed, and ashen-faced.

Following the news, Ken heads back inside and informs his other party guests of Sinead's diagnosis.

It seems a shame that Ken's celebrations are being marred with such sadness, or is that just me?

In the beer garden, Ken sits down with Liz and delivers an impassioned monologue, which in turn is a profound paean to his love of Sinead. Whilst Ken delivers this prose, a dark montage of the residents in catatonic shock is played out on screen, for us viewers. Bill Roache gives a masterclass in acting, his 60 years in the show is clear, but I can't help feeling that is slightly similar to Gail's (TV award-winning) monologue when Aidan died?

That said, it was as equally and as beautifully delivered, and a total treat in having an actor of that brevity and skill, orate a script so wonderfully.

In prison, David's cellmate passes him a contraband mobile phone to hide, but he refuses. I imagine inevitable repercussions to be forthcoming for David?
Max also seems to be following in his father's footsteps and is hiding secret text messages from Shona.

At The Bistro, Martine is keen to see Kevin again, but the moany mechanic just isn't interested. Could Kev find love with a current street resident instead, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Paula tells Sophie that she isn't going to follow her to Singapore, and it looks like this relationship is over. I know this couple had an online fanbase but I agree with Sally, it's the best for all concerned. Parting on amicable terms, Sophie also waves goodbye to her parents and heads off in the back of a taxi. Is this the last we've seen of Paula?

As the sadness continues to spread around the street, Chesney visits Daniel. Struggling to hide his heartache, Chez breaks down and cries. Daniel tells him to pull himself together and decides that its best he doesn't see Sinead, whilst in such a 'state'. I think this is suggesting that Daniel may well have trouble handling Sinead's' demise and the subsequent emotional fall-out...

Following the visit, Sinead tells Daniel that she overheard their conversation, and offers him some words of advice.

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Jan said...

I felt Ken’s speech was awkwardly placed, sandwiched between other quite mundane scenes. It would have been better at the end of the episode.

Louby said...

No not just you Ryan. It would have been nice to escape the gloom and doom for a couple of episodes.

The monologue reminded me of Gail's speech after Aiden's death.

Martine, has she ever actually been in the programme before or do we just have to pretend that she was around once?

coconno196 said...

Hope Sophie and Paula have split up for good. They are totally unsuited, and I don't just mean the 30-year age difference.

I am pretty sure Martine has just been invented for a Kevin atoryline. I just hope he doesn't end up with Abi, she is far too good for him, he is so boring.

Dina Roberts said...

Yeah. I think Ken's monologue scene was a bit too similar to Gail's. I imagine the writers saying "Well, it worked really well for Aiden's death, so maybe we should try it again."

I think with Aiden's death, it worked well. But with the Sinead situation, I sort of felt they were laying it on a bit too thick.


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