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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Coronation Street spoiler: Gangster Gary vs Big Farmer

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and gangster Gary has Ali in his sights after he finds out that Ali and Maria have been chatting behind his back.

Gary hires a private detective and asks him to find out what he can about Ali. With the help of Lenny, Gary drags a bound and gagged Big Farmer (the hospital drug dealer) into the furniture shop and demands to know everything he knows about Ali. Will Big Farmer spill the beans?

Meanwhile Ryan tells Ali that he should take threats from Gary seriously. Ali goes to the empty furniture shop and finds Gary’s ledger. Ali calls at the salon flat but is taken aback to find Gary there alone. Fronting it out, Ali pulls out the ledger and tells Gary that he’s sure Maria will be interested to see that he’s been operating as a loan shark. Who will have the upper hand now Ali has the ledger?

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Newfy Pearl said...

I am so not a fan of the Connor boys. lol I cannot get upset at the thought of Gary making Ali his next victim...but please leave that cutie pie Adam Barlow alone! lol ;-)

Newfy Pearl said... know who I mean. lol

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,Ali is a likable member of the Connor family so I wouldn't want to see him get killed off by Gary.
I want the truth about Gary sabotaging the factory roof and being responible for Rana's death to finally come out before he starts controlling Maria's life as he did with Izzy when Derek briefly dated her.

Newfy Pearl said...

You state your opinion as fact. Ali is not likeanle to me. What is likeable about shunnkng two people who stop everythkng to help him get off drugs (ryzn and robert). Or a man who will confide in his girlfriends arch enemy (toyah) instead of Maria. And who does drugs and passes out watching a sma child. The Connor boys are not my cup of you can hzvd your I have mine. :-)

Newfy Pearl said...

OMG So sorry for all those typos...tried to use smartphone to post message...might as well have sausages for fingers. lol


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