Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Daniel and Bethany kiss- with devastating consequences?

Daniel seeks misguided solace in the arms of Bethany Platt
With Sinead’s final days drawing closer, the Tinker’s have an early Christmas dinner, which ends in an explosive row between Daniel and his dying wife.

During the family meal, Daniel suggests they call it a night as Sinead needs to rest. Seeing red, Sinead insists that he should leave. When Daniel storms out, he finds misguided comfort in the form of Bethany Platt.

“It’s emotionally complex”, said Corrie boss Iain Macleod. “Is she in love with the fantasy of Daniel or is she in love with the real man? Does she even know the real man?”

With Bethany’s feelings for her friend still very much at the surface, Daniel leans in for a kiss which she reciprocates passionately.

Rob Mallard (Daniel Osbourne) said: “It’s like a ball of fishhooks now because of that cluster of events that all happen together; trying to just isolate one of them and deal with it means you end up pulling all of them up at the same time. He’ll have to untangle all those emotions.”

However, Daniel’s reality can’t be forgotten for long as Ken rounds the corner and witnesses Daniel’s betrayal.

“He has a, already what they’ve been foreshadowing, a self-destruct development. You’ll see that first because that’s the snap of the elastic, isn’t it,” Rob discussed.

With Daniel and Bethany now sharing a guilt, will Daniel reveal the devastating truth to Sinead? Or will he keep it firmly under wraps?

Sophie Williams

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Anonymous said...

Bethany...with all she has been through she has not learned to consider the feelings of others obviously. Pie eyed kid yearning for a married man whose wife is dying...really!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bethany has become as self centered as her mother but this is the lowest thing a person can do,making a play for a man whose wife is dying.
I wonder what were the writers thinking having Bethany shoehorned in this story line in such a sleazy manner?!
Needless to say I hope Adan dumps Sarah if she defends Bethany's actions.

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon): Isn't it bad enough (or tear-jerking enough or soapy enough) that the producer shows this young woman dying in front of us? And doing it dramatically at every big celebration of life (wedding, B-day party) Isn't that enough emotion? Do they REALLY have to ramp the tragedy up by having her husband cheat on her in the last few days she has to live?! I mean, come on, enough is f---- enough!

Eryn said...

I just feel bad that now viewers and fans of Corrie have decided to “hate” and write Bethany off as a slut and immoral young woman. Of course she’d be attracted to Daniel, he’s a safe crush...married and in love with his wife. Bethany is struggling with the fallout from Nathan’s abuse. Emotionally and psychologically she will not know how to have a proper relationship without a doctors help/therapy. And this moment between Daniel and Bethany would’ve been highly charged emotionally and Daniel is desperate to not face the death of his beloved wife. He’s also faced with raising a son on his own for a long while. Daniel is a volatile character too, so his own emotional past is coming to the surface and he’s trying to deal with his intense grief.
So I don’t condone this kiss as the right thing but I also don’t condemn these two.
We should not jump to judgement that results in “hate” and disgust for others.

Anonymous said...

Eryn, No Bethany's trauma should not be an excuse for her kissing Daniel.
She knew for months that Sinead was suffering from cancer and went after Daniel anyway against her great-gran's advice I may add as Audrey who's no fool could see that Bethany had feelings for Daniel and the heartbreak it would cause.
Granted Daniel is going through a terrible time right now what about Sinead?
Sinead has been robbed of precious last moments with her husband before she dies because Bethany decides now is the time to make a play for Daniel when he's most vulnerable!
I shudder to think what Sinead is going through on her deathbed and wondering where is her husband?
As for Bethany,Perhaps it's time she should get counselling to help her deal with her grooming trauma.

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