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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 6th and 8th September 1993

Appropriately enough for the start of the school year, education was on everyone's mind.  Mike managed to persuade Maggie they should send Mark to the private Oakhill School, an institution that feels a lot less prestigious now it numbers Rosie Webster among its graduates.  Andy decided that his university life was going nowhere and that he'd rather stay in Weatherfield with Amy and her little boy.  Amy was understandably worried that he was throwing his life away.  Steve was being quite the opposite, and trying to persuade Vicky to give up her A-levels so she could snog him on a more permanent basis.  When she told him she was returning to school, he went for a drink with Fiona to annoy her.  Reg smarmed around Debi Scott in the hopes of getting the Corner Shop at a bargain price, though she was more keen to put it up for auction.  And under the guise of attending Alf's farewell to Weatherfield do, Jim snuck into the Queens, where he tried to persuade Liz to take him back.  She told him she was quite happy with Colin, thanks very much, and who can blame her?

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 13th September 1993

Tommy turned one, and much to Vera's delight, Terry sent a card, showing that when you've sent the bar really really low you just have to act like a fairly decent human and people will fall over themselves to give you credit.  The Hortons turned up and offered the Duckworths a free holiday in Blackpool so they could see more of Tommy.  Percy was sulking because Olive, the woman he'd proposed to a few months ago, was marrying someone else.  He decided to go to the wedding to make her see sense.  Reg got Debi round to his flat and offered her a knock down price for the Corner Shop.  She laughed at his offer and Reg pleaded with her - just as Maureen arrived unannounced.  He tried to explain but Maureen called the wedding off; she realised she didn't trust him.  The sale of the shop got Deirdre worried she'd soon be unemployed, so Tracy started chipping in for the bills.  With no Raquel, the Rovers was desperate for staff, and Tanya Pooley applied for the vacancy.  Bet took her on for a week's trial on the understanding she wouldn't be too evil.  Fat chance.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 17th September 1993

Maureen gave up her job at Bettabuys, tired of the fussy managers, and she went to the pub and got drunk.  She went to Curly's to apologise and we ended up with one of the more gruesome twosomes in the show's history as they went to bed together.  They agreed never to do it again, but Maureen told Reg she knew now other men could make her happy.  Alf decided to auction the house for a quick sale and Audrey agreed to go along with it, giving up her job to be with him in Lytham.  She didn't tell him she'd already been fired from the dress shop for her general laziness.  Tanya dropped hints that Liz had been slagging Bet off, because she can't help herself, but Bet wasn't daft and realised she had the measure of her.  And Rita got an unexpected visitor: Jenny Bradley, wearing a power suit and with a posh dog in tow.  She asked to stay the night, and Rita reluctantly agreed.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd September 1993

The Duckworths went to Blackpool and stayed at a B&B run by the legendary Shirley Stelfox.  The Hortons paid for them to go out and about, making Vera worried they'd run off with Tommy.  She was upset at having to share him with his other nan.  Andy announced he was going to marry Amy and give up University, leaving Liz and Jim distraught.  Jim told him he'd be better off without women altogether, while Colin became resentful of Liz's preoccupation with her children and demanded she pay him more attention.  Jenny dumped Mitzi the Japanese show dog on Mavis for the day, but lost her temper when Mavis gave the dog some bonbons; she was pregnant and on a strict diet.  This was an all-new Jenny Bradley; a money-grabbing maneater who wandered around being a bitch to most of her former friends.  I'm not sure why they've brought her back to be evil when Tanya is already right there, dropping hints that Betty was past it and doing it with far more venom.  Jenny had rowed with her boyfriend and cried on Rita's shoulder when he emptied their joint account.  She offered her a loan to help her get back on her feet...

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 24th and 27th September 1993

The issue of who'd be the new owner of the Corner Shop was finally resolved as it was sold at auction... to Alf Roberts.  He was there to sell Grasmere Drive but he was suddenly overcome with nostalgia and he bought the shop back (at a lower price than he sold it, so he was quids in).  Audrey was predictably horrified.  It kind of makes the last few months of the show feel a bit pointless, as we're right back where we started, but there you go.  Deirdre was happy, because the Roberts kept her on, meaning she didn't have to keep harassing Tracy for rent money.  Jenny started working behind the bar of the Rovers - what a silly idea that is - which made Rita wonder exactly how long she was planning on sticking around.  Jack and Vera returned from Blackpool having promised to let the Hortons see Tommy more often - though Vera was livid when she discovered Jeff had slipped Jack £200.  She accused him of accepting a bribe.  The McDonalds held a family conference to try and persuade Andy to go back to university.  He refused to bring Amy along so she wouldn't be subjected to the aggro, but he did let slip she had a five year old son, which made Liz and Jim even more furious.  Andy accused them of being racist, saying they were only against Amy because she was black, and left number 11 saying he'd never come back.  Liz and Jim were left alone to console one another, and she ended up staying the night.  This won't end well.  On the plus side, Andy's finally got a haircut, so he doesn't look like a Chesney Hawkes tribute act any more.

Between Jenny, Tracy and Tanya, there doesn't seem to be a young woman in the Street at the moment who isn't an absolute bitch.  Let me know if I've missed any on Twitter @merseytart.

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Louby said...

I've been enjoying the old episodes so much lately. They enjoyed going off set that summer didn't they; Lytham, the Lakes and now Blackpool. Great B&B scenes, especially the woman getting told off by her husband for stealing the jam. Best bit was Alf buying back the shop though.

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