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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Why Corrie remains the best soap in the world

I've just returned from two weeks holiday in the sun and our hotel room didn't have any telly channels from the UK, which was bliss. I had two weeks without any mention of Brexit, Trump or Piers Morgan.

I also had two weeks without Corrie.

I kept up to date with the show by reading the episode reviews from our bloggers right here on the Coronation Street Blog. And while I would usually catch-up with my favourite soap watching it when I returned from holiday, this time I didn't feel I wanted to. There seemed to be too much doom and gloom going on.  Therefore, I jumped straight back into Coronation Street last night, watching it on the telly along with the nation.

And what a flaming joy it was.

It was everything that I could have hoped for - and more.

Mary and Dev's awkward chat with Asha (who's turned into a cracking actress, by the way) was wonderful to watch, funny too and you felt Dev's pain at losing his daughter. Paul sobbing in Billy's arms at the end of the show was heartbreaking.

But the best bit of all was the return of Debbie Webster. Actually, I'll rephrase that. The best bit of all was the return of actress Sue Devaney to a show where she slotted back into as if she'd never been away. I loved, loved, loved, her glancing around the Rovers Return as she sat at the bar, noting that nothing had changed.

Watching Sue Devaney, as Debbie and Sally Carman as Abi together on screen was magical. Two of the best British actresses working together on TV, in Coronation Street too.

A dream team.

A top soap.

Long may it continue.

Glenda Young
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Kosmo said...

Yup. Agreed. Sue / Debbie will get a mention in this week's Comicals, as will Dev.
You have missed it being a bit unbalanced over the last two weeks but last night the balance was back.
Well done to all involved.

Bobby Dazzler said...

One good episode out of dozens does not a great soap opera make. Corrie has declined in recent years with the lousy producers that have been at the helm. The cast is leaving as fast as rats leaving a sinking ship! What have we got left? People we could care less about, new storylines introduced when old ones have been left hanging for weeks.

After watching for over forty odd years...couldn't wait to get my cuppa and sit in front of the screen....meh, sometimes the episode catchups are enough, or my FFW on screen.

Flash Gordon said...

I agree Bobby Dazzler, I stopped watching months ago and won't start until the awful Gemma Winter and her family leave permanently.

coconno196 said...

Yes, each new member of the Winter family is worse than the one before. Bernie has some cheek, threatening to throw Paul out of her "family" when she abandoned her kids for years until she thought she could profit from the quads.

Anonymous said...

So one character comes back and all of a sudden Coronation Street is the best soap in the world... ok 😂

Newfy Pearl said...

I found it touching too when Paul broke down in tears with Billy. But I have to say, since this storyline showed Paul a victim of child abuse...I am noticing just how old Billy looks in comparison to him. Ick. Speaking of Billy....why not give poor Sean a storyline...why not let him and Billy reunite and make a productive life together. Sean has good qualities that the writers refuse to develop. Poor Anthony Cotton...underused by Corrie. I am still irritated on his behalf that he was not included in the calendar that featured the barstaff of the Rovers, while actresses who stood behind the bar for less than 2 weeks made the list.


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