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Sunday, 20 October 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 22nd and 25th October 1993

Having spotted Des was fiddling with his conifer - not a euphemism - Derek decided to get his own back by creating a crop circle in his back garden.  (A crop circle!  Could it be any more 90s?)  Unsurprisingly Des didn't fall for it for one second, and when he wound Derek up by pretending he believed in aliens and would contact the police, Derek put tennis racquets on his feet and demonstrated his technique.  It was, needless to say, extremely embarrassing.  Don was angry with Denise because he thought she was having a fling with Jim and he believe he had some kind of ownership over her because he lent her money.  He asked for the cash back to punish her, leaving her scrabbling around desperately, even inviting Audrey to buy half the business.  Hazel became convinced Sally and Joe were having an affair, and told Kevin; he was suspicious for a while, but when he talked to her, he realised it wasn't true, because this is the era when Sally Webster was a sweet little thing who would never commit adultery.  Curly impressed Mrs Rogers with a wine promotion at Bettabuys... until he was forced to confess it was all Elaine Fenwick's idea.  And Andy tried to rent the cafe flat for him and Amy and her little boy, but Alma said it wasn't suitable as it was only one bedroom, so he went to the Council instead.  He also bought Amy a ring.  This is not going to end well.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 29th October 1993

Denise was getting desperate to raise the cash for Don, offering half price cuts, an offer Percy tried to take advantage of even though he only has two hairs and a nit.  He even asked for a discount but she sent him out with a flea in his ear.  (Percy also abused both the children doing penny for the guy and the Platt kids doing trick or treat because he's quite unpleasant.)  Meanwhile Don was chatting to Jim, who mentioned he fancied Denise but wouldn't have a crack at her, making Don realise he'd misinterpreted the situation.  He told Denise he didn't want the money and took her out to dinner (at some kind of terrible 1950s themed restaurant), only for her to make clear they were only platonic.  Jim had other things on his mind, as Liz had cross-petitioned accusing him of belting her boss and standing in the way of her career.  He found this outrageous even though that is literally what happened.  Kevin fixed Joe's car and found a picture of Sally and Jonathan in it; when he confronted Joe, he revealed a load of other pics of the Websters from the Lake District, so Kev felt ok.  He finally admitted to Sally that Hazel had told him she was having an affair with Joe and that he'd momentarily doubted her.  She offered to stop minding Jonathan but Kevin said they'd be ok.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd November 1993

Bet organised a psychic evening at the Rovers, only for Madam Tzara to pull out because she'd seen her car breaking down in her crystal ball.  Maud stepped in at the last minute as a gypsy palm reader - with Maureen standing at the back of the room miming gossip about the patrons.  She predicted good fortune for Vera, and then she won on a scratchcard; she said Curly was working with the woman of his dreams, and he took this as a sign that Elaine Fenwick was destined to be his; and she told Bet that she'd get a surprise return, and Raquel burst through the back door.  It all went to Maud's head and she persuaded Bet to let her do her readings in the bar on a more permanent basis.  Raquel had returned with ideas about being a proper model now she'd finished her course, setting up an answering machine for her clients and refusing to work behind the bar while she waited for the jobs to roll in.  It antagonised Tanya - but then what doesn't? - and when she heard Raquel and Des used to have a thing, she went out with him just to be spiteful.  Andy moved into the cafe flat and booked the registry office, but Steve refused to be his best man as he didn't approve of Andy keeping it a secret from Liz and Jim. 

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 8th November 1993

Vera's lucky streak continued as she won £330 on a horse called "Tommy's Rattle".  Jack had put the bet on for her, and he took some of the winnings and put it on an accumulator; that came in too, but Vera soon swiped the money off him.  She then won £100 on the bingo but it all came to a stop when she found Joss, her possibly-maybe dad, had died.  Raquel was "invited" on an Advanced Modelling Course and Bet tried to warn her off it, knowing it was all a con.  Andy tried to invite Liz to his wedding but she refused to go because he was throwing his life away.  She probably should've stopped away from a few of Steve's as well, let's be honest.  The Platts had a bonfire party, but when Percy turned up with some parkin, he was shocked to see the guy was based on him.  Martin washed his windows as an apology.  Tracy brought Craig round to number 1 for tea, and while Trace was happy to chat, Craig was a sullen misery in the corner. 

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 12th November 1993

Andy went to the airport to meet Amy and was surprised when her mum Kath got off the plane on her own.  She explained that Amy had decided not to let him throw his life away for her and was staying in Trinidad.  When he tried to fight for her, Amy's mate Alison told him not to bother: she'd actually hooked up with Dominic's real dad.  Andy drowned his sorrows, but on the plus side, Steve got to go for a Chinese with Alison.  Vera buried Joss while wearing a natty beret.  One of his old mates told some tales at the funeral tea that made Jack realise Joss wasn't her real dad, but she didn't want to hear about it.  Curly continued to sniff around Elaine, after Maud's prediction, and they went for a drink together at the Queens.  (She was very amused when Liz called him Curly instead of Norman).  They got friendlier, but Reg told Curly he was putting her up for a management position... in Goole. 

The saddest part of the whole Percy on the bonfire storyline for @merseytart was it made him really fancy some parkin and he hasn't got any in the house.

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Louby said...

A quick search tells me that Percy was in the street for 14 years, but I don't remember him ever having a storyline that would have redeemed him to the audience. Bill Waddington played him brilliantly, but the character was always so annoying!

CK said...

I work with someone just like that :'(


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