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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 30 Oct 8.30 pm

High up in the Welsh hills, the cable car has ground to a halt whilst Gemma's labour has just got started! As her waters brake, Chez rings 999 and gets the Welsh ambulance service on the phone. Gemma's soon fully dilated and ready to give birth there and then (lucky lad, my wife took 54 hours - true story!) it looks like Chesney might be about to deliver all the quads at once!

Watching this is triggering my vertigo so I guess Chez's head for heights has alleviated (80 foot up! catch the 'behind the scenes' footage on Corrie's twitter)

With that in mind, what did we think of the production, tonight? It does look real in some shots and after last weeks episodes, I wonder if they've now spent all of the production budgets?

It isn't long before Gemma gives birth to a little boy, the cable car springs back into action and an ambulance is waiting to collect them. We are then treated to a final action shot as the cable car comes to a stop - looked impressive, or a bit shakey?

Back on the street, Fiz's reluctance is appeased by Jade, as she convinces Fiz that she's little choice to depart (again). Jade does seem a bit keen to get Fiz out of the way, doesn't she? As news of the first birth reaches Rita, she lets Fiz know the news, and they head to the hospital. That was a quick trip to Wales, wasn't it?

Meanwhile, Gemma's second birth is proving troublesome, and the ambulance speeds to the hospital. My heart is racing here, as I suddenly remember my little girl being born (very long, and slightly troublesome). The panic on Chesney's face is certainly relatable! Sam Aston acts his little chops off there. Great work!

With Fiz out of the way, Jade treats Tyrone to a dartboard, although they did interrupt Evelyn listening to Kenneth Williams. I wonder what she was listening to. Was it camp classic 'Round the Horne' or the legendary 'Hancock's Half Hour'? I digress but I'm a bit of a fan myself.

At Speed Daal, Geoff plays dinner host to his family, and feeling celebratory, he decides to bring booze into the Pakistani / traditionally dry venue. Slightly offensive to Yasmeen's culture of course, but when did a little thing like that annoy Geoff?.

Calling another family meeting (remember the last one - hilarious!), Gail gets the gang together to discuss David's latest dilemma.  Always the orator, Gail treats them to a bizarre film analogy, telling them that all past mistakes must be ignored and that Audrey must forgive Nick so that the family can move forward as a unit. Will it work I wonder?

At the hospital, Gemma has a cesarean and safely gives birth to another boy and two girls, quickly naming them all after the welsh rescue team that managed the births.

Why didn't they name one of the baby girls after Sinead?

Miraculously,  Bernie has also (somehow?) managed to retrieve the engagement ring that Chesney dropped overboard.

With the ring in hand, Chesney proposes, and Gemma accepts! Chesney got his romance, after all.

Let us know your thoughts on this week's corrie, in the comments section!

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fairycake said...

I honestly thought that they would call one of the girls Sinead...X

Anonymous said...

Why would any woman want to name her child after her partner's ex, tragic early death or not?

Llywela said...

Being Welsh, part of me loves the Welsh names for the quads, while part of me is horrified that they chose Llio and are already mispronouncing it as Cleo - no doubt they've started as they mean to go on and that lovely name will be forever mispronounced.

Unless of course they decide the thought is what counts and register her as Cleo without worrying about how to properly spell the Welsh name!

coconno196 said...

And yet another woman gives birth without removing her leggings and knickers!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a nice touch the quads being named after the rescue workers.
I hope now Nick will finally take responbility for stealing his gran's money and what's happening to David is partially his fault

CK said...

Haha coconno196, so true!

Anonymous said...

chesney didnt drop the ring Gemma knocked it of chesney hands


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