Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Coronation Street spoiler: Sally and Abi argue over Kev

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and Abi plans to go on a date with Kev the night before her maths GCSE. Sally is unimpressed to find Abi drunk with Kev instead of revising. Then Sally makes a dig at Abi saying she is only interested in dating Kev since he came into money, prompting Abi to throw a bowl of spag bol over Sally. How will Kevin react to Sally’s accusations?

Kevin says Abi can move in with him and stay as long as she likes. Sally apologises to Abi and admits she’s over-protective when it comes to Kev. Abi agrees to move back in and assures Sally that she has no designs on Kevin, they’re just mates. Abi breaks the news to Kevin that she and Sally have made up and she won’t be moving in with him after all. Kevin masks his disappointment.


Glenda Young
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Newfy Pearl said...

Based on what we have seen so far....I can understand Sally saying this. Abi has made it clear she is not interested in Kev. Hopefully this will make more sense once we see the actual show....I find that happens. The preview can be misleading.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's Sally who's suddenly interested in Kevin again because of his money and is jealous of Abi's friendship with him?

Newfy Pearl said...

Good point. Sally's ideal would be to hzve Tim and the money. LOL

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