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Monday, 21 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review, Monday 21st October

We start with a horrified looking Peanut witnessing Beth, Craig, Tracy and Ken "singing" the Slade classic for an early Christmas on the cobbles. Daniel tells Kirk to turn off the snow machine and they can't have Yuletide in case in tires his wife, but Sinead hobbles out onto the cobbles, delighted, and Grinchaniel un-cancels Christmas.

Hasn't this been done before? When Hope had cancer (presumably she was given the special chemotherapy that had the side effect of pyromania), Fiz and Ty launched their Give Hope the Best Christmas Ever campaign, leaving them broke and Ty collecting old metal in the garden. Are they still broke? Do they still have the scrap? To be filed under Storylines That Floundered By The Wayside.

Bethany offers to do Sinead's make-up but won't stay for lunch and Daniel tells people to leave before dessert (I guess he wants to keep all of the 50ps hidden in the pudding). Sinead and Daniel argue (well, it is Christmas after all) and Daniel leaves the flat and runs straight into - guess, go on go on go on - Bethany. After some crying and shouting, they embrace, then kiss, and are found by Ken, who tells Daniel that he should at least get a canal boat get back to his dying wife. Oh, Danny boy!

We are currently seeing the culmination of leaving stories:-Sinead's only got a few days left, Bethany's obviously going to leave because she feels so bad for loving Daniel (to Milan I’d wager) and Shona's going to get so Platt-ed off, that she'll just quit and run away, before returning, tail 'twixt legs, nine-to-twelve months later. 

It's not an early Christmas at the prison as David contemplates killing Josh. David's cellmate, Abe, predicts a riot - as David puts it, i thought riots were more spontaneous affairs, As the Barlow-Tinker-Osbrone clan settle down for turkey 'n' trimmings, a lot of extras run around causing trouble, setting things on fire and throwing chairs. Dave hands the stolen scissors over to Abe, but he brings Josh to the cell instead and throws him down for David to deal with. David says he can't kill Josh but he could watch whilst someone else does it. Enter Tez, who beats up Josh again but David pulls him away and they end up locked in a room. "I don't want you to die, I want you to live this every day, being beaten up, I want you to suffer," says David. Never thought he would be an anti-death penalty advocate. Then again, Josh admits what he did but tells David he's going to get off, he will do it again and there's nothing David can do about it. But it's when he threatens Max that David turns angrily, but we don't see what happened, only hear that Josh has been stabbed and that David needs a lawyer.

In other Platt news, Max makes up with Shona and seems to have Marion's number, complaining that she's just pumping him for information and he wants to come home. Marion and her jowly solicitor meet Adam, Shona and Sarah for an informal mediation session, but Marion says she will be taking it to court: "I'm prepared to fight for custody of my boys*," she says. I can only presume that Marion's been chucked out of the local backgammon club for brawling and now has a lot of spare time on her hands for a new project, given that she's made no effort to meet Harry before now.

*Max and Harry, Harry and Max, best of all they don't pay council tax (because they're children).

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Midd said...

Better episode than of late, it had everything, including a few stupid bits. Turkey looked tasty, well done Tracy!

Sue said...

I wasn’t sure about the Christmas sing-a-long at the beginning, they all seemed too cheerful seeing as Sinead is almost on her deathbed.
No sign of Sinead’s mum and gran again.

coconno196 said...

Corrie don't want to pay actresses, but totally unrealistic for mum and gran not to be there, for free booze at least.

Sue said...

Yet they have a lot of ‘regulars’ who do nothing for weeks who I presume are being paid.


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