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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 2nd Oct 8.30 pm

Kev's sister Debbie visits Number 13 and is introduced to Paula, not realising that her 'favourite niece' is a lesbian. Why would Sophie's auntie not know that? However, Debbie brings bad news; their auntie has died. It's a jovial mood for death though, as Debbie heads off to the will reading.

In the Hospital room, Bernie confronts Paul about the beating, but Kel lies again, denying it was Paul's fault and hides behind some misguided homophobe 'joke' as the reason for their ruckus.  With the gang out of the way, Kel tells Paul to keep his mouth shut, using the beating as a blackmail tool.

Paul decides its time to leave Weatherfield.

A downhearted Dev sees Asha off on her date and give's her some cash, as he's mislaid his credit card. On the date, things seem to be going well, although the teen lad (I can't remember his name) did have a fleeting flirtation with Amy!

With the boy spilling a drink, Asha's mood changes and she heads for home, having realised that she's seeping blood again. Meeting Mary outside her home, Asha unknowingly drops Dev's credit card, which Mary picks up. Confronting Asha about the spending on his card, will Dev find out what she's been spending it on?

Thanking Maria for the earlier favour, Gary lays on the charm offensive and it looks like an infatuation could be forming. Do we think they'd make a good couple?

Also feeling amorous, Ryan's still looking at ways he can spend alone time with Alya, now that Michelle has put paid to any 'action' he had planned at the flat. Discussing Michelle's mood with Robert, Ali and Ryan discuss a dinner date plan for the couples, in hope of a reconciliation.

Bumping into Summer, Paul remains resolute in his decision to leave the street, so the youngster drags him to see Billy instead. After a heartened confrontation, Paul's mettle seems to weaken and he breaks down in emotion, the vicar promises to do all he can to help.

Is it me, or is Billy being a bit bullish in his approach? Maybe he's trying to recover ground he lost when confronting David Platt about the same thing? I'm kind of torn in that decision at the minute. Some superb acting though, you can't fault that!

At The Rovers, Debbie reveals to Kev that the old dead aunty has left a will worth £200K!. Debbie is well loaded already though and offers the cash to Kev instead. Kev nearly chokes on his pint, so Debbie tells him to think about it.

Interestingly enough, Kev did mention (just a few episodes ago) that he needed to add Jack to his own will, right?

On a side-note, it's great to see Debbie Webster back on the street. I'm too young to remember her original tenure BUT a fantastic actress from Victoria Wood's iconic 'Dinnerladies', which, as we know, was also full of Corrie stalwarts. It's also a nice nod to Classic Corrie which I know is a big thing amongst the Corrie fanbase.

I wonder what Kev will spend the cash on?

Could he invest in the resurrected 'Underworld', becoming the new Mike Baldwin, maybe offering a new clothing line in purple jackets?

Just a thought!

Let me know what you think of this Wednesday's corrie!

I shall be back same time next week.

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Louby said...

I only saw the last 5 minutes of the second programme because I'm having a break, well sort of, from watching. Too much gloom and doom!

However, it was great to see Debbie back again, and I am old enough to remember when the Websters first arrived.

Newfy Pearl said...

What I don't get is this. We have not heard of Debbie for years. She comes to town, gets an inheritance and offers it all to Kev? Beyond belief. Would have made half sense if she offered to split it 50/50...but to say I don't need is $200,000...well that was just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The boys name that Asha went on a date with his name is Corey is presumed


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