Friday, 4 October 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 4 Oct


DEV REALISES HOW DAMAGED ASHA IS At her school theatre rehearsal, Pastal-Blue launches herself at Asha, accusing her of stealing her boyfriend and calling her rank and ugly. Asha hurries out humiliated. Having heard about Asha’s crisis of confidence from Mary, Dev’s taken aback. When a parcel arrives in Asha’s name, Dev tears it open and is stunned to find a bottle of skin lightening cream. Ordering Asha to roll up her sleeves, Dev’s shocked at the sight of Asha’s red raw skin. Dev rips down Asha’s posters of light-skinned Bollywood stars asserting that nobody looks like that in real life. Mary discovers that Asha has taken her things and gone. When Asha tells Amy she’s leaving, Amy secretly texts Liz who offers Asha a sympathetic ear and assures her that her Dad loves her. As Asha admits she despises how she looks, can Liz convince Dev and Asha to talk over their differences?
MICHELLE ADMITS HER FEARS Michelle opens up to Robert and tells him how Ray made a pass at her, she turned him down and now he’s making her life hell. Robert wants to confront Ray but Michelle implores him to let her fight her own battles. However Robert secretly phones Ray’s hotel company and applies for the chef vacancy in a different name. Ali, Maria, Ryan and Alya go for dinner at Michelle’s. Will the two girlfriends make a breakthrough with Michelle?
DEBBIE QUESTIONS SOPHIE’S CHOICE Kevin tells Debbie that he can’t accept the money. Debbie’s frustrated. Sensing that Sophie’s not enjoying her new course, Debbie urges her to follow her heart.
ELSEWHERE Paul remains intent on leaving. Billy tells Gemma of Paul’s plans and begs her to try and talk him out of it but Gemma refuses, making out she doesn’t care. Fiz comes up with some ideas to bolster trade at the furniture shop. However when Gary discovers she’s been using his private ledger to make notes, he’s furious. Offended Fiz tells him to stick his job and walks out. Jade persuades Gary to reinstate Fiz at the shop, in turn securing her own job.


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dhvinyl said...

Does anyone else agree that we are done with Gary Windass? A poor actor has been turned into a revolting character and the whole tone of our beloved soap is now almost literally in the gutter. For the first time in 40 years I am actively using the 30x button to whizz through in search of something uplifting or amusing.

Stephen Palin said...

I completely agree with you David and surely I am not alone in saying that I have difficulty understanding what he says when he opens his mouth.

Louby said...

I agree David. As this is soap land he will get his comeuppance some time, but then look how long it took for Pat Phelan to get his!

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