Friday, 4 October 2019

Roy Cropper's secret family member

Roy Cropper is going to have a secret family member come out of the woodwork in Weatherfield. 

If you'd like to know more - and I'm not spoiling things here for you - it's all at the Mirror website today.


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MartesBC said...


MartesBC said...

oh but I just read the circumstances. I thought it would be a lift from death and destruction street. Sadly, Sadly, Sadly it is not.

Louby said...

I can't believe that they are bringing yet more gloom and doom on the street, and to do this to Roy!!

I've not watched much for the last week and I haven't really missed it. I'm a very long term fan but I think because it's got so much history it gets forgiven for rubbish content that would make viewers of other programmes switch off.

We can't even have the happy event of Ken's birthday, with appearances from Norris and Emily, without death being close.

I will keep reading your excellent blog posts and hope it improves, and I have Classic Corrie so it's not all bad!

Karen said...

I suspected he had a sibling somewhere...

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the only reason that Roy's long lost brother is in contact with him is because he needs a kidney or else he'll die?
I'm also tired of the doom and gloom as this storyline seems to be a recycling of Norris' long lost brother Ramsey coming to see him because he's dying.

Martin S said...

I agree with Anonymous. There was also the case of Ray Langton returning after many years, only to die of stomach cancer, as well as the cancer-related stories of Alma, Hayley and now Sinead.

According to Corriepedia, there have been 11 cancer deaths on Corrie so far, the first being in 1964. Maybe that's not such a bad record after all.

Louby said...

There have also been a number of cancer cases where the person has survived. I can think of Sally, Robert and Hope straight away.

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