Monday, 7 October 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 7 Oct


RYAN REALISES ALI’S BEEN LYING ALL ALONG Ryan becomes suspicious as he finds Ali asleep at a table in the cafe. When Liam complains of a sore tummy Maria’s delighted when Ali offers to babysit and she heads off to work on cloud nine when he says that he has fallen in love with her. But when Claudia and Emma hear the smoke alarm going off Gary, Emma, Maria and Ryan burst into Maria’s flat to find Ali asleep on sofa and a charred pizza in the oven. Maria grabs Liam and orders Ali to leave. Ryan discovers some pills in Ali’s coat pocket and orders him to sort his life out.
ROBERT IS ON RAY’S TRAIL Robert lies to Michelle saying he’s spending the morning doing the accounts. Having found out from Liz that she had Robert in her cab earlier Michelle heads off in hot pursuit to the  Chariot Hotel bar where admits that he intended to teach Ray a lesson. Michelle talks him out of it and persuades him to come home for a last minute holiday to Mallorca. Robert wonders how he’s going to break the news to Vicky.
ASHA’S FORCED TO FACE HER PROBLEMS Dev takes Asha to see Dr Gaddas who assesses her sore arms and suggests counselling is the way forward.
ELSEWHERE Ken tells Daniel and Sinead that he’s changed his mind and won’t be going to Italy after all as he can’t leave them at such a difficult time. Before Aunty Vi’s funeral, Debbie hands out cheques to Kevin and Sophie.


MARIA GETS IT WRONG AGAIN Maria apologises to Ali for flying off the handle, explaining she was simply worried about Liam, but she is shocked when he tells her it isn’t working. A distraught Maria calls by Ali’s to find him spaced out. She assumes he’s been drinking and unsuccessfully begs for another chance, which abruptly ends with Ali telling her he doesn’t love her. Gary calms down a tipsy Maria as she rows with Michelle over her parenting skills, suggesting both her sons are a disaster. Ryan insists Ali should seek professional help for his addiction.
SINEAD WANTS MORE THAN A BUCKET LIST Claudia’s understanding to why Ken can’t come away so Audrey suggests celebrating Ken’s birthday here rather than Italy. Claudia mentions her plans for a party although Ken feels this may be inappropriate given Sinead’s situation but Daniel disagrees. Daniel and Sinead promise they’ll savour every day.
THERE’S NO STOPPING ASHA Dev tells Asha how much he loves her and only wants the best for her.
ELSEWHERE Vicky reluctantly gives Robert her blessing to attend a cookery course in Mallorca as he wont be able to get a refund. Kevin, Sophie, Paula and Jack bid a fond farewell to Debbie.

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