Friday, 4 October 2019

Fan Launches Petition as Corrie Given the Boot for the Footy

This has made my day. As reported by Joe at Digital Spy, a dedicated Coronation Street fan has launched a petition in protest at the schedule being taken over by the football during the Euro 2020 qualifier matches.

Between the 9th and 16th October Corrie will be off-air and viewers aren’t happy. The petition reads:

“ITV cancelling Corrie for football will ruin many people’s evenings and routines of years and is unfair. Show earlier or later or on ITV2 is the better answer. Sign this so ITV see the loyal fans are outraged”.

Oooh they are. I hadn’t actually seen this snippet of news so I have to admit I’m pretty miffed myself now. Let’s see if the powers that be take any notice of the petition. You can sign it HERE.

Power to the people I say. 

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C in Canada said...

Yeah, we in Canada have to endure the same thing for weeks (WEEKS I say!) while the Stanley Cup playoffs (hockey) are on. Errr!

David said...

Hang on a minute I thought the usual proecdure was to air them on another day.

Stevie said...

I assume they'll be on the following week not "cancelled".

And HOCKEY!? 🤣

maggie muggins said...

C in Canada - I thought CBC stopped doing that after angry Corrie fans complained long and loud about it?

As for ITV - I can't recall Corrie ever being off this long for sport shows. Very naughty! Signed.

Anonymous said...

CBC just changes the time.

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