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Corrie weekly update - the return of Debbie Webster

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Before I start the update this week, I’d just like to say that my second novel The Tuppenny Child is now available in paperback. It’s a fast-moving family drama set in 1919 and if you’d like to know more you can order it from Amazon UK and Amazon Canada. It’s also available in the UK in Waterstones and WHSmiths and in Asda supermarket.

And now, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Bernie’s ex-fella evil Kel is in hospital after Paul beat him up in the ginnel. Kel’s in a coma and when he comes round, Paul breaks down in Billy’s arms when he tells him that Kel used to abuse him as a child. However, Gemma and Bernie don’t know the truth about Kel just yet. A heartbreaking story.

More upset this week by way of Asha and Dev when he finds out that his daughter is using skin lightening creams on her skin. Asha’s skin bleeds and flakes but she tells her dad the end result is worth it, to look like the pretty girls. No matter how much Dev tells his daughter that she is beautiful, Asha is at the age when she is full of self-loathing and won’t believe a word that Dev says. Mary tries to help but Asha runs away. Liz finds her in the flat, has a heart to heart and Asha returns home to Dev, both of them unsure what to do next. This story has been done so subtly and wonderfully, and really shows what a great actress the young girl who plays Asha has turned into.

On a more positive note this week has been the return of Kev’s sister Debbie Webster and what a much-needed tonic she was. Their aunty Vi has died leaving Debbie an inheritance of two hundred thousand pounds. Debbie’s already loaded, she doesn’t need the money but Kev is too proud to take it, until Sophie wins him round. Kev agrees to take the cash and split it four ways – himself, Jack, Rosie and Sophie.

There was a lovely scene in the Rovers where Debbie and Kevin shared a drink at the bar. Debbie looked around at her old boozer and commented that nothing had changed. It was just a moment, just a glance, but it was classic Corrie all over again. And Debbie’s scene with Abi in the garage sent another Corrie tingle down my spine. Two of our country’s finest actresses together on screen on the street. Now that’s how I like my Corrie.

Elsewhere this week, Fiz is working with Gary in his furniture emporium until he sacks her. Jade, the live-in nanny now working for Fiz, offers herself up to Gary instead. But he’s got more on his mind when Maria takes his eye.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the scenes with Asha and and Dev. These were beautifully acted and you really felt for Asha. Made a good change change from the awful Winter family scenes.

coconno196 said...

Yes, best storyline in years. Very moving.

Rossie said...

Lots of kindness this week,nice to see. Amy, Mary and Liz all trying to help Asha, and Billy and Summer trying to help poor Billy. The awful dinner party didn't really work dramatically. Michelle and Robert are heading for disaster, and it's difficult to care. Neither of them are at all sympathetic characters. Nice relationship developing between the 'brothers' though. Great to have Kevin's sister back. She could really shake things up, but perhaps she is only there to give Kevin the money?

Louby said...

Maybe now Kevin has lots of money he can pay Anna back that amount, 10k I think it was, which I believe she gave him from compensation for her injuries?

Rossie said...

It would certainly be good if he paid her back. Other than that I don't think he'd have a clue about how to widen his horizons and improve his life. He lives in such a small world, both in a physical sense and also in his head. He cannot envision any life other than the one he currently has. But saying all that, this money must have been dropped in his lap by the scriptwriters for a reason, and it will be interesting to see what happens next I suppose .....

Anonymous said...

Sadly, they won't have the money for long; whenever someone comes into money it gets stolen ir funneled into a bad investment.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Yes, I was thinking the same--he should track poor Anna Windass down and give her back her money! I couldn't believe that the scriptwriters let him get away wih taking her compensation money and then dumping her just when she needed him the most! But conveniently not giving her back a cent. It's like they totally forgot that story.

And great comment to compare the Asha storyline with Gemma's. What a contrast between the one actress' wonderfully understated misery and self-disgust and the other's constant shrieking and grimacing and gyrating. And I haven't seen a character who made me more sick than the hideous Bernie. She has to be the most revolting creature (villains excluded) I've seen on Corrie in a long time. Completely selfish but unlike other selfish characters (like Cilla and Les), completely unfunny. Get rid. Our Gemma is enough. We don't need the original as well.

Rossie said...

Well I don't suppose Kevin will take proper independent financial advice, because he won't want to pay for it, so someone will take it off him, possibly Gary?

Catsmom said...

I still think the actress who plays Kevin's sister looks like Annie Lennox.

Catsmom said...

I remember when I was Asha's age, if my parents had tried to convince me that I was pretty, I would have assumed they have to say that because they were my parents.

Anonymous said...

Anna got the money from David, didn't some old lady die and leave him money and David the dog? He gave it to Anna out of guilt because he caused the fire she was injured in.

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