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Sunday, 27 October 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 17th November 1993

Poor, sweet Raquel.  She got a job offer on her answering machine, but when she phoned back, it had already gone, plus her mate from the modelling course was plugging carpets.  Her ambitions seemed doomed until she got another message - offering her a job in an Armani show.  Curly tried to persuade Reg to keep Elaine at Weatherfield Bettabuys so he could have his wicked way with her.  Reg refused, because he was scared of her ambition and talent, so Curly went above his head and got Mrs Rogers at Head Office to cancel Elaine's promotion to Goole.  Every single man in this storyline is an absolute scumbag.  Andy finally dragged himself out of his flat and into work, only to find everyone in the shop was gossiping about him.  He wrote "SHE DUMPED ME" on the canteen whiteboard, though he didn't sign it, so they could've carried on gossipping for months.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 19th and 22nd November 1993

Denise was being besieged by odd occurrences.  Cancelled appointments, unwanted catalogues, silent callers, and unwanted pizzas delivered by a very young Marlon Dingle.  It was all very strange.  Reg got Maureen to the Rovers (there was a brilliant bit where she claimed she wasn't drinking, and Bet bullied her into having a white wine) and he presented her with a silver bracelet to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their first meeting.  She was overawed and they immediately set a new wedding date.  Tanya whispered to Des that she'd set up Raquel's photoshoot - it was actually at a grocer's called R Marney.  He called her a cow and went and picked up the shivering Raquel in his car.  Tanya called Raquel a tart because she is actually evil but Raquel thanked her; she'd actually had a really nice evening with Des.  Curly managed to get Elaine back to his house and they snogged in his kitchen.  He told her how he'd torpedoed her career, for some reason thinking she'd be pleased, and she rightly smacked him one.  Kevin and Steve met their solicitor; he advised them to plead guilty, even though that might put Steve in prison.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 24th and 26th November 1993

It was all change on the Street, as Tracy returned to number 1 as the lease had run out on her flat.  Deirdre was thrilled until she asked if Craig could move in as well.  Deirdre agreed on condition that he slept in the front parlour.  Meanwhile Andy moved out of the cafe flat and into Curly's spare room as his new lodger.  Curly had other concerns, as Elaine was on a go-slow at work to punish him for thwarting her career.  Denise was being driven mad by the strange phone calls in the night.  She ended up screaming down the phone at her tormentor.  Steve and Kevin pled guilty, and were told they'd be sentenced in a few weeks.  Steve distracted himself by chasing after Alison the nurse, meeting up with her once Vicky returned to school.  Vicky meanwhile wrecked Bet's day by telling her that Alec had a new girlfriend - she ended up sobbing on her own once the pub had closed. 

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th November and 1st December 1993

The Rovers held a poetry evening at the behest of Newton & Ridley with a prize for the best entry.  Mavis wrote about that fox they used to get in their garden, while Derek wrote about his love for Mavis.  Unfortunately he mentioned how much he loved her breasts in the poem and she was outraged; the Wiltons withdrew from the competition, leaving the field open for Phyllis to win with an ode to Percy Sugden.  Denise held a birthday party, and invited half the street.  Don was thrilled to be asked over until he realised Ivy was also invited.  He went to the Rovers instead, where Bet embarrassed Tracy by stopping her from drinking lager because she was underage.  He stayed until closing time, chatting to Bet, as they commiserated with one another about the miserable state of their lives.  Don confessed about his sham marriage with Ivy, and told Bet that she was still attractive.  She locked up and took him upstairs.  Yikes.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 6th December 1993

Denise came to the conclusion that Don was behind the fake phone calls, which made Bet feel uncomfortable when she admitted her suspicions.  Joe arrived at the salon in his professional capacity, as someone had reported her for failing to declare her earnings; this drove her over the edge and she lost her temper with Don.  He denied all knowledge and she believed him, letting him sleep on her sofa to protect her.  Deirdre felt like a stranger in her own home as Tracy and Craig made themselves comfortable.  She confessed to Ken she'd given up on marriage.  Ha!  Rather more happy were Reg and Maureen, who got their bid for Ted's old house accepted by Rita.  Steve got closer to Alison, and gave her a snog - which Tanya made sure to spot.  Tanya was busy displaying her evil credentials all round in fact as she laughed at Raquel's newest job: a promo girl, dressed as an elf.  But Tanya wasn't anywhere as evil as Terry, who got a visitor at the prison - Tommy's other granddad, Jeff.  He'd arrived to offer Terry a lot of money if he let the Hortons look after Tommy instead of Jack and Vera - and he looked like he was considering it...

It's almost Christmas on Coronation Street again.  @merseytart will be breaking out the Baileys for next week's episodes.

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