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Monday, 28 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th October

Last week, I watched Weds, Thurs and Friday's episodes in a row and at the conclusion, like Sinead, I wanted it all to end. Here's hoping this week is a bit more cheery.

Daniel finds one of Sinead's long blonde hairs on the pillow, but he tells Bertie that as long as the baby is still here, Sinead's still here. The Barlow clan gather to talk about the funeral arrangements and for Daniel to make off-colour jokes: "I'm allowed, I'm the tragic young widower," he tells his family. He then defends Bethany when Evelyn's acid tongue gets the better of her in the shop and Bethany comforts him in the garden, which of course makes Beth go off on one, and slaps poor Danny-boy. This is Beth WHO IS A BIGAMIST, lest we forget. Daniel, wanting to get away and fed up of the Tinkers (and who wouldn't be? Fab as characters, awful as in-laws), decides he's off to Scotland with Bertie. I presume Bert is going to come back with a Nottinghamshire accent, as is traditional.

Fiz comes 'round to see how Chesney is and to make it up with Gemini (glad the writers have not forgotten that brief romance with Tyrone). Bernie's more interested in the car seats that have arrived. "Now we just need a people carrier," she moots. Better get onto Fiat, pronto. She goes out to get Hiya magazine, which features a story about the quads, and also paints Chesney as a red-headed love rat, a "kebab Casanova", after he is pictured hugging Emma. "I was building your brand!" complains Bernie, who sold the story. This, along with Sinead's untimely death, has the knock-on effect of making Chesney realise that he lurves Gemma and wants to be with her as a proper couple. A couple plus mother-in-law, obvs. He invites Gemma to Speed Daal to put a ring on it, but she gets pains and goes to the hospital with Fiz. In his partner's absence, Ty gets closer to Jade over fish and chips and tinnies. "Fiz should go out more often," says the single white female.

Gail Plait offers to make toad in the hole (I guess she got fed up of Pad Thai and Tom Yum and is craving some English stodge) and to help Shona with all the familial shenanigans. A good job since the cushion that Shona carries with her at all times will be too small soon. Audrey fills in Gail on the Max situation and Gail goes full matriarch and says she will get the Platt-Turner-Ramsey back on track. Meanwhile, David is shown the video of him watching Josh, post-attack, and questioned again about the stabbing.

Agadoo Aggie gives Tracy a free cuppa when the latter is upset about the demise of Sinead, to whom, early Christmas aside, she was mostly horrible. Anyway, she and Liz agree to go off to stay with Andy in Spain. Ay caramba!

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Newfy Pearl said...

Can someone put a leash on Bethany! OMG I know it is just a show, but this story is so well played out. lol I felt Beth's pain when she saw Bethany with Daniel. Why doesn't Bethany just step back and leave Daniel alone. Whining that it is all her fault...give me strength. He has family - he has support - he is not alone....stay away! lol

Newfy Pearl said...

Just read the last line. Sinead liked Tracy. She accepted her for who she is and actually saw good in the things others saw as negative. Remember she asked Tracy to keep an eye on Daniel, feeling he would need someone strong in his corner. Tracy is like Scarlett O'Hara, may not be the most sweet at all times, but I would want her on the stairs if a wandering confederate soldier came a'calling. lol

Anonymous said...

I agree that Bethany needs to keep her distance from Daniel now and let him grieve in peace instead of making it all about her.
I'm glad that Aunty Fiz knows about the quads after months of ignoring her brother.


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