Monday, 28 October 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 28 Oct


CHESNEY DECIDES LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO HESITATE Gemma and Chesney are horrified to see that in her magazine interview Bernie has painted Chesney as a love rat, claiming it made a better story. Chesney tells Gemma that Sinead’s death has made him realise they should try and make a go of things properly.
BETH DOUBTS DANIEL Daniel is struggling with all the funeral plans and asks everyone to leave. Later in the corner shop he defends Bethany who is being baited by Evelyn. Beth is furious when she hears about this and when she finds Bethany comforting Daniel in Victoria Garden she accuses them of having an affair before Sinead is even cold.
GAIL TRIES TO MEND BROKEN BRIDGES Sarah apologises to Adam for Bethany’s behaviour and tells him if it’s any consolation, Bethany deeply regrets her actions. Adam tells Sarah to stop worrying. Gail tells Shona that she thinks of her as a second daughter and that now she’s back she’ll do everything she can to ease the burden. Shona’s touched.


CHESNEY DECIDES TO PUT A RING ON IT Chesney arranges for Fiz to babysit so he can take Gemma to Speed Daal but she gets more twinges and ends up in A&E again meaning the date is off. Chesney tells Fiz he is going to propose tomorrow.
DANIEL VOWS TO FOCUS ON BERTIE Daniel calls at No.1 and announces that he’s taking Bertie on holiday to Scotland as it’ll do them good to get away. Adam and Peter are concerned for him but Daniel insists it’s best for everyone. As Daniel and Bertie set off for Scotland, Beth watches, distraught that he’s taking her Godson away and fearing he may never come back.
AUDREY GIVES GAIL SOME HOME TRUTHS When Gail finds out from Audrey that Max has been failing to take his meds and instead, selling them at school, she’s horrified and resolves to get the whole family back on track.
ELSEWHERE Liz suggests that Tracy should join her for a break in Spain as she’s clearly struggling with Sinead’s death. Steve reckons it’s a crazy idea and they’ll kill each other. Despite her initial reservations, Tracy realises that Liz means well and agrees to a break in Spain.
The police question David about the attack on Josh showing him first the video footage in which David is clearly visible and then the scissors which were used as a weapon. David maintains his innocence but he’s clearly worried.


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coconno196 said...

So Tracy needs a break, when she has just returned from several weeks in Venice?

dhvinyl said...

It’s a money miracle on our Street. No one earns more than peanuts, yet people are always on holiday coming back whter than when they left, yet remainers like Kevin and David, are brown as berries in the Manchester murk. What’s the secret?

coconno196 said...

Not to mention the frequent bistro meals, spending hours in the pub, glamorous new outfits for weddings and funerals...

Anonymous said...

After all the precious moments that Bethany robbed Sinead when she kissed Daniel and Sinead had to forgive Daniel on her deathbed instead of thinking of her son Berie,why can't Bethany keep her distance from Daniel and let him mourn on his own in peace?
I don't blame Beth for being upset seeing Bethany and Daniel together,Sinead's nor even not buried yet.
Bethany better not be at the funeral.

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