Sunday, 6 October 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 4 October 2019

Time to find a little bit of sparkle in the Street which is proving a little more difficult than normal at present (hence my absence last week).  But first a question.  If Paul slept on the sofa and Billy and Summer were in their own beds where is Sean sleeping?  I thought he had Billy's sofa?  You have to admit that is a very baggy top which Sophie is wearing (above right).  To be honest I am not sure that they are attempting to disguise Brooke Vincent's bump any longer; so when she started looking at the snaps being posted by a far distant Kate Connor you could almost sense her impending departure!

And above Royston is delivering a nice piece of philosophy - in full he said:  "I read an article recently that suggested that many business people are now turning to philosophers for guidance.  They nudge and question.  They take people on uncomfortable journeys and force people to confront the truth.  It's just a thought".  All of which gives Sophie food for thought!  I like a nice bit of thinking from Royston.

Apparently Brian likes Cathy in her hat and she is about to tell new recruit Asha about "the other night" and you can just see Asha rolling her eyes at the about to be imparted TMI - but Cathy just about stops herself in time as we and Asha just do not want to know!

Light relief on Wednesday was entrusted to Dev.  The first item for our delectation was when he unwrapped a nasal hair trimmer - enthusing that his is better than Steve's.  A little later he was asked by Asha if she could go "on a date".  So with usual sensitivity Dev applies to looking after his children he summons Mary (who actually made reference to the beast with two backs) and they sit down to talk birds and bees attracting Asha's scorn - she is NOT going to get "knocked up" (and she probably has been taught more than they both know at school)!

A little touch of then and now.  Sue Devaney returned after 34 years to take up once again the role of Debbie Webster, Kevin's sister.  She is now a successful business woman and we also learn that she is the only person who was still talking to the now late Auntie Vi.  She was originally on the Street less than a year and this is clearly a fleeting visit but welcome none the less.  Note the similarities in wardrobe too - biggish earrings, necklace.

For those who have heard the Conversation Street podcast (and if not why not?) here is the shot where Sophie was hiding in Dev's aisles.

Maria is telling Gary and Fiz about her dinner this evening with Michelle, Robert, Ryan, Alya and Ali.  She is not keen on it - but for the benefit of those reading the subtitles she actually said she would prefer a quiet night in with Ali.  Neither Alya or Maria have given any indication of preferring the company of females (to males that is) that I can recall!

You cannot make "Bugsy Malone" without a range of splurge guns - personally I doubt they would be loaded before the final dress rehearsal - sadly at Asha's school they are loaded and ready at early run throughs - and she gets full blast from the mean kid who fancied the boy!  If this is Asha's life you might just grasp why she wants a change.

Not sure if I will be here next week as I am visiting Leeds to check out the studios and external sets of Emmerdale Farm which is another docu-drama from the ITV stable.

Writers: Sam Holdsworth & Susan Oudot (Monday); John Kerr (Wednesday); Mark Burt & Ian Kershaw (Friday)
Directors: Becky Wild (Monday & Wednesday); Vicky Thomas (Friday)


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Louby said...

I always find it amusing when pregnant actresses have their bumps disguised (or not!) by massive handbags or by standing partly behind another person.

Anonymous said...

I do not listen to the podcast because I am deaf.

SimoneJenifer said...

I might just be the only person who is a fan of creative camouflage of actors' baby bumps! Last week Sophie sat on the arm of the sofa and dug into a shopping bag---it covered her womb hilariously well...baggy tops, small children, doors and furnishings, group hugs...I love them all. Now that Sophie has hopped on a plane, I have to get my giggles seeing how they cover Shona for her remaining scenes.

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