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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Corrie Bedtime Stories

My viewing habits have certainly changed since becoming a dad. I still watch Corrie, but children’s telly has now officially taken over in our house.

I have enjoyed discovering, though, that the two are not mutually exclusive. I have found some Corrie links in Channel 5’s programming for kids, which other Corrie fans may have noticed too.

For example, King Thistle in ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom’ is voiced by none other than Ian Puleston-Davies, who played the hot-headed builder, Owen Armstrong in Coronation Street for five years.

Me and IPD, September 2014

And series’ 17-21 of ‘Thomas & Friends’ were narrated by Mark Moraghan, who appeared as Eileen’s love interest, Adrian Mortimer (poor sod) for a couple of months back in 2015. 

I’m changing channel now to CBeebies, where until recently Ryan Russell (Corrie’s Michael Bailey) was a presenter. I’ve not seen him wearing his PJs during the bedtime hour in Weatherfield yet, but it can only be a matter of time…

Talking of pyjamas, one of the essential nightly rituals in my toddler’s routine is the CBeebies Bedtime Story. I love it when a Corrie face crops up. And there have been quite a few over the years!

I’m sure my daughter recognises the voices. She got to know the Corrie theme tune before she was even born. And in the early days, we'd watch classic episodes together in the small hours. I think she finds it comforting, just like her old man.

I figured Corrie fans with kids in their lives may find this interesting, plus it’s a useful bookmark for me, so below is a package of Corrie Bedtime Stories, the running order of which is as follows:
  1. Tristan Gemmill (Robert Preston, 2015–) reading ‘Silly Doggy’, written and illustrated by Adam Stower (originally broadcast in 2011).
  2. Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor, 2006–) reading ‘How Many Sleeps?’ written by Amber Stewart and illustrated by Layn Marlow (originally broadcast on 1 December 2011).
  3. Sally Dynevor (Sally Metcalfe, née Seddon and previously Webster, 1986–) reading ‘The Magical Snowman’, written by Catherine Walters and illustrated by Alison Edgson (originally broadcast on 23 December 2012).
  4. Ted Robbins (Brendan Finch, 2015-2016) reading ‘Underpants Wonderpants’, written by Peter Bently and illustrated by Deborah Melmon (originally broadcast on 17 January 2014).
  5. Charlie Condou (Marcus Dent, 2007-2008 and 2011-2014) reading ‘Time For Bed, Little One’, written by Caroline Pitcher and illustrated by Tina Macnaughton (originally broadcast on 22 March 2014).
  6. Nicola Stephenson (Priscilla Millbanks, 1988) reading ‘Little Chick and the Secret of Sleep’, written by Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Gill McLean (originally broadcast on 29 March 2014).
  7. Sue Johnston (Gloria Price, 2012-2014) reading ‘Kipper's Toybox’, written and illustrated by Mick Inkpen (originally broadcast on 3 January 2016).
  8. Maureen Lipman (Evelyn Plummer, 2018–) reading ‘Never Tickle a Tiger’, written by Pamela Butchart and illustrated by Marc Boutavant (originally broadcast on 21 July 2017).
  9. Suranne Jones (Karen McDonald, née Phillips, 2000-2004) reading ‘No Matter What’, written and illustrated by Debi Gliori (originally broadcast on 10 October 2017).
  10. Jennie McAlpine (Fiona ‘Fiz’ Stape, née Brown, 2001–) reading ‘I Don't Want Curly Hair’, written and illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson (originally broadcast on 12 December 2017).

Some of these stories were filmed before the actors joined Coronation Street; some were recorded during their Corrie careers; and some were shot after The Street. They’re all lovely. 

Each actor featured here has read multiple stories for CBeebies, as have Richard Fleeshman and Shobna Gulati, but I was unable to find footage for either. Please let me know if there are any other Corrie appearances on CBeebies that I’ve missed.

Right, it’s the bedtime hour now so I’d better go. If the stories above do the trick, I’ll be able to switch over to Corrie in time for episode one… I can't miss Ken’s 80th birthday party. Wish me luck!

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