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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 7th October

The biggest loser in Ali's continuing drug issues is Beth who doesn't get to eat the remains of Dr Neeson's breakfast as he wakes up from his diazepam-induced snooze in Roy's Rolls to see Ryan looming over him. Quel nightmare.

Maria on the other hand, has such low expectations of men after being screwed over by pretty much all of them, tells Ali that she's falling for him after he offers to look after Liam and fix the leaking shower. He returns the feeling and smoochies ensue. Until he falls asleep again whilst a pizza is cooking and almost burns down Maria's flat and Liam with it. Ryan finds the drugs in Ali's jacket and chews him out, telling him he needs to sort his life out. Ali takes this to mean he has to dump Maria, telling her she's dragging him down and he doesn't love her. She storms off and he smashes a glass against the wall. Michelle is the next member of the Connors to have a go at him. In the pub, Michelle is sympathetic to Maria until she can't help being self-righteous: "He's probably done you a favour in the long run," and Maria tells her that she raised both her sons badly. Gary drags her away and they have a drink and a hug together, watched over by Sarah, who isn't jealous at all, not one little bit.

Meanwhile, Liz lets slip that Robert has been spotted in the hotel where Steve and Tracy tied the knot (i.e. Ray's place/the new set) and Michelle stomps off to tell him what's what. They reconcile without any Rob-on-Ray violence and Michelle books a cheap holiday in Majorca for the two of them. Poor old two-lives Robert has to break it to Old Vick, but he frames it as a catering course. She accepts it even though it will mean he will miss her ante-natal class.

Ken decides that he can't go to Venice whilst Sinead is ill and says he will celebrate his birthday in Weatherfield instead. Aw, I was looking forward to the spin-off DVD. Aud suggests to Claud that they throw a party for him instead. I suppose if Venice doesn't come to Ken then Ken gondola Rovers.

Because she also can't go to Italy, Sinead decides to make a bucket list, but says she doesn't want to do hot air ballooning, spelunking or abseiling. I guess soap-making is more her style. She says that if she stops the latest round of chemo because it's making her too ill then she'll have to savour every minute of the time she has left.

The Webster siblings are attending Auntie Vi's funeral, Debbie looking resplendent in a black PVC coat and dress. She hands over the cheques, and then hot-foots it out of there. Was Debbie only popping up to expedite Sophie's maternity leave? I'm disappointed that her stay was so short.

Dev takes Asha to see Dr G about her arms. She suggests counselling, so presumably we'll see Asha talking to Toyah in eight months as that's about the average time to wait for NHS counselling.

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Roni said...

Maria told Michelle what we all thought all along, that she's a rubbish mother. Ryan is a wasre and as soon as Alu joined her, he's ruined as well.(Won't miss her, she's not leaving fast enough)
Sinead should write a book on how to make her soaps, beard oil, candles, etc., it could be a best seller and her legacy to her son that she wasn't 100% boring. (Will miss her)
I want Debbie on the Street (Miss her already!!!!!!)
Why didn't she take Sophie with her though??
I wish the lawyer,whatshername?, were leaving too.
I have not missed Peter nor Carla,they went to Venice?
Miss Tracy and Steve.
And I was sooooooo happy not to see any of the Brown's. Talk about an awful mom, Fiz is the worst, no wonder Hope has become so hopeless. It's her fault. Tyrone better get rid of her before she messes up Ruby.
And can't Gemma and her ma leave the street before the quads are born?? I want them all gone. Imagine more big mouths like Gemma, Fiz and Bernie on the Street. Help us all.

Roni said...

*Ryan is a waste; Ali not Alu;

dhvinyl said...

Ken gondola The Rovers...brilliant! The idiot writing about genital herpes...not so brilliant, but presumably the webmaster can get rid of him.


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