Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 19 June


GARY FACES HIS DEMONS In the woods Gary fights for his life as he’s overpowered by a much stronger, more prepared Rick. Is this the end for Gary?
MICHELLE PUTS ROBERT ON THE SPOT Michelle enters the bistro to find her family hiding behind the bar. As they let out a half-hearted “surprise!”, Michelle’s bemused. A balloon is revealed with the words ‘Happy Engagement’, will Michelle agree to marry Robert?
ROY DISCOVERS MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR Wayne introduces Roy to Alice Parrott, who reveals that her father, Raymond, had an affair with Sylvia. Alice hands Roy a bundle of love letters. Roy’s sad as he realises there was a loving side to his mother that he never saw.
ELSEWHERE Ken’s in his element as the photography class begins while Beth rolls her eyes. The noise war continues with neither Aggie or Claudia backing down. Ken and Ed head to the Rovers together.


SARAH MOVES ON FROM GARY Bethany’s horrified to realise that Adam and Sarah are seeing each other and tells Sarah she’s making a big mistake.
ROY DISCOVERS MORE ABOUT HIMSELF FROM WAYNE Roy resigns himself to the fact that his mother was obviously capable of love, but didn’t love him. As he sees Wayne out, Wayne thanks him for the kindness he and Hayley showed him as a child and promises to keep in touch. 
ELSEWHERE When Aggie and Claudia find Ed and Ken enjoying a drink together will they agree to bury the hatchet? When Beth takes a picture of Bertie on her phone she’s surprised at how good it is and decides to enter it in the competition. Robert he gets down on one knee and proposes, will Michelle accept?
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Tashacat said...

Perhaps Roy’s the offspring from the affair, and his father is still alive. Roy’s dad could be a fascinating character.

Anonymous said...

This trope of long lost family suddenly appearing is so tired as to be off putting in this era of Netflicks and HBO. I thinks soaps have passed their sell by.

Louby said...

Off topic I know, but today is Corrie legend Thelma Barlow's 90th birthday :) :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps now that Robert and Michelle are engaged again! They will ride off into the sunset never to be seen again.

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