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Corrie weekly update: Gary Windass, soap's sexiest serial killer

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This was the week when Gary Windass went rogue. We already know he’s the one who ruined the roof at Underworld, causing Rana’s death. And now he’s killed Rick the villain. In the world of soap, Gary is now a serial killer and will be dispatched off in due course. He killed Rick in self-defense after he thought Rick had taken Sarah. But Sarah was having it away with Adam in a posh hotel in town and Gary had got it all wrong.

The wonderful Wayne Hayes left this week and I’ll miss him. He’s magic, a real tonic for these jaded Corrie-watching eyes. The mystery of Roy’s mum ring was wrapped up when it turns out that Sylvia had had an affair. Roy takes his mum’s ashes to Grange-over-Sands to scatter them and set her memory free.

Newcomers the Baileys upset Ken and Claudia next door as their noisy building work goes on. Claudia gets revenge and enlists Amy to play the violin in retaliation, only for Aggie Bailey to stop chop sticking on the piano that’s being kept at No. 3 as an homage to Emily and Ernest Bishop. A nice touch, ITV. A truce is called when Ed and Ken (or Kenny as Ed likes to call him and Ken doesn’t like to hear) retreat to the Rovers to get away from the awful din.

Speaking of Kenny, he joins a photography class in Roy’s Rolls, as does Beth. Snobby Ken thinks he’s above Beth in terms of class and skill (he’s not) and Beth determines to show Ken what she’s made of. She takes a lovely photo of baby Bertie that makes it through to the longlist of the photography competition in The Weatherfield Gazette. But when the photography class tutor captions the photo with the words “Where’s mummy?” it upsets Sinead no end.

Elsewhere this week, Robert’s in a right old state. But even though Corrie are flinging every possible, conceivable exciting dilemma of a storyline at him, he remains the dullest man in soap for this fan at least. He’s got Tyler’s mum Vicky pregnant, proposes to Michelle, gets beaten up by Tyler and doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. Fortunately, we do. He’s going. It’s already been officially announced that both he – and Kym Marsh who plays Michelle – are leaving the show, so it’s a little difficult to care. The only saving grace of it all was the proposal cake with WILL YOU MARRY ME iced on top. Ryan decided to eat some of the letters leaving only WILL Y on the top of the cake.

And finally this week, some great fan-boy action from Steve, Tim and Kev as they fawn over Weatherfield County youth player James Bailey. They want to know all about his life in the fast lane for their favourite footy club. “Do you still eat oranges at half time?” Tim asks while Steve goes for “What’s it like to shower with Tommy Orpington?”  James’ brother Michael sees what’s going on and decides to make few quid from their fandom. He charges them to go on a behind the scenes tour of Weatherfield County with James. But when James finds out that money’s changed hands, he makes Michael give the cash back.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Gary Windass sexy?!! You are not serious surely.

Anonymous said...

Compared to Pat Phelan, I guess he is!

Anonymous said...

Gary’s also not a serial killer. Rana’s death was an accidental byproduct of Gary’s actions, and Rick’s demise was due to self defence.
Plus, I do agree he’s easy on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anomynous[18;40]Although I agree that Gary killed Rick in self defense,Rana's death was not accidental but reckless endangerment.
When Gary sabotaged the roof he made sure that Sarah stayed away from the factory by taking the day off [it was his birthday]so that they would spend the day together.
Gary showed no concern for anyone else not even Izzy who could have been killed the mother of his son only Sarah[sadly it was for naught as she's now with Adam] and has shown no remorse or guilt for causing Rana's death content with Carla and Nick being suspects.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on this street is now related to someone who was a murderer or was murdered. Six degrees of separation with a murderous twist. Any sexual connection is too boring at this point since everyone has slept with everyone else.

Tilly Flop said...

Don't think Evelyn has slept with anyone. Yet!

Anonymous said...

Serial murder is 3 or more so he is not quite that and surely not sexy in the least. He is a blaming whiner and I will be glad if we are to see the back of him soon.

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