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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Lucy Fallon leaving Coronation Street

Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethabny Platt in Coronation Street, is leaving the show next year.

The actress will be leaving the show once her contract expires in 2020.

In a statement, the actress said: "I have made the extremely difficult decision to leave Coronation Street at the end of my contract in 2020. It’s hard to put into words how much this show means to me. I’ve made lifelong friends with some of the most talented and hardworking people in the industry, I’ve had some terrific and immensely important storylines and I’ve laughed with the best people everyday. I’m so thankful to Iain and everyone at Coronation Street, I owe everything to them and I will miss them greatly."

Producer Iain Macleod said: "Lucy advised us at the start of this year that she would like to leave at the end of her current contract in 2020 to pursue other projects. She is an amazing performer and has been at the centre of some huge stories for us during her time on the show. I have no doubt that her stellar career will continue beyond the cobbles and would like to wish her all the best in whatever she does next — starting with the brilliant final chapter of Bethany’s story!”

Find out who else is leaving, joining, returning or taking a break from Coronation Street.

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James Knight said...

It's a shame that a lot of good actors/actresses are announcing their departures to the show but with Iain Macleod's vision for the show being the Gemma Show, i can't say I'm surprised.

They're being treated like supporting actors whilst we get tired of Gemma and Chesney. Now with the news that Gemma's mother is coming soon, it's not going to get any better.

Anonymous said...

I was just beginning to warm to Bethany! However, during her grooming storyline I did feel that Lucy Fallon was destined for bigger things.

MartesBC said...

Good Luck to Lucy Fallon! Well done stint. I am sure she will do well. Hope the character heads off with a positive work abroad storyline, so she can come back with a different head/actress.

Anonymous said...

We did warn you Iain MacLeod was going to damage the show.

I don't care if the decision was made weeks or months ago for actors to leave. The show simply isn't in a good place.

Those who enjoy churlish, puerile comedy, well get ready for some more. Gemma who let's not forget passed on drugs to girls is now the star of the show alongside her brother.

JennyMac said...

I so agree with James Knight, that Corrie is becoming the Gemma and Chesney show, and definitely not the better for that. Sorry to hear that Bethany and Sinead are leaving, thought there was more in their characters to come. I fear for the way the show is going really, so many changes, and not for the better.

christine said...

This is very sad news...I very much like Lucy / Bethany. She is definitely one of the more talented performers on the show and has great potential.

It is a shame that we are losing a talented actress who has the strength to carry major storylines while others who do best in supporting roles are being forced to the forefront and not doing a credible job.

She will be missed.. I just hope that they give her a decent leaving story and leave the door open for her to come back

popcorn said...

Lucy Fallon is an excellent actress. Talented young people like her SHOULD leave the Street, for their own sakes, so that they can develop a varied career. All the best to her.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Bloody Hell....How many more? Is this like getting out before Corrie is completely ruined?

Really dislike the direction Corrie's going in..
1. No one stands around the Rover's anymore chatting at lunch anymore. It was the place to be, the place to gather...there is no nucleus anymore, the centre is gone.
2. Unrealistic...the program is unrealistic...buckets of money to eat at the Bistro,murder rate at an all time high, gone are the days of people just making a living
3. I wanna cry...

4. She was a great program may she rest in peace. Sleep well Coronation Street

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Bobby Dazzler, I couldn't agree more.

Thinning the cast down helps..I just wish certain other actresses would take the hint. And go back to three single episodes a week, that's plenty. Although I know that's never going to happen now, the greedy PTB are too keen on the extra advertising revenue.

So sadly things are only going to get worse, until our beloved Coronation Street disappears up its own backside.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that Lucy Fallon is leaving.
In a way I'm not surprised though as we haven't seen too much of Bethany after she moved in the salon flat with Emma and Maria.
There could have been lighthearted story lines with these three characters as roommates but sadly the producers\writers made Corrie into the 'Gemma Show' and when it's not the 'Gemma Show'it's the 'Platt Show'with Nick's,David's and Sarah's story lines going on at the same time but oddly no sign of Bethany.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are no longer watching the show, after more than 50 years! It makes no sense anymore and is very depressing. We just don't like the way it is going now. It used to be good, clean entertainment, now it is anything BUT!I think the writers are trying to copy the American soaps, but that is a big mistake because they are now on the incline. Only a few left. Coronation street used to be fun to watch after a hard day at work. Now it's very dark and depressing.

Goodbye Coronation Street, we miss the REAL Coronation Street, not this one.

Anonymous said...

How is it that the actors who were once staunchly Muslim are now drinking and living with non Muslims. I refer to Yasmeen, Alya, and the late Rana's brother, the Lawyer?


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