Monday, 7 January 2019

Will they? Won't they? Should they? HAVE THEY!?

What a start to 2019 Coronation Street has had. Already a death! Lewis was a bit like Pat Phelan in some ways - you knew he was about to do something rotten to a much loved character but you’d forgive him each time because he just made love to the screen. Well, no more. Give that screen a wipe as you dab away your tears. Lewis is dead and Audrey is alone again. To be fair, nobody could match up to her Alfie anyway, and she didn’t really seem suited to debonair Lewis. But it was fun while it lasted.

And thirty-four years into avoiding talking about their love for each other, Chesney and Gemma are still wasting time with other people, unable to tell each other how they feel. Why is that? You’d have thought Gemma would have been right in there. She clearly thinks Chesney is too good for her and is scared of the rejection. So Chesney is cracking on with Emma. Who is lovely but that won’t last. 
Simmering romantic tensions are threatening to spill out into the Street as we start the brand New Year. Which ones do you approve of and which send you reaching for the sick bucket? Here I speculate whether these Corrie couples should, would, or have got it together…

Ken and Claudia (Kendia)
The pompous bookworm and the hairdressing glamourpuss appear to be in a relationship already. Nothing has been confirmed on that front but they are spending a lot of time together and can often be spotted wandering across the cobbles arm-in-arm. I’m in favour of this development. Claudia is a bit more cultured than Deirdre was, but there’s something in that raspy voice and big hair-do that make it all a bit familiar. And she and Ken seem to have good chemistry. Some might see it as a betrayal of Deirdre but he wasn’t faithful to her in life so there’s not much chance now is there? I say go for it Ken.


Ken and Audrey (Kendrey)
Old friends Ken and Audrey have had their ups and downs but there’s always been something between them – more so from Audrey - but they’ve just never quite made that leap to see what would happen. I can just see Ken making the move from the One Coronation Street to Grasmere Drive leaving the rest of the family to fight their battles in the tiny terrace whilst he sees out his retirement in Audrey’s lovely semi. But I just don’t see them seeing out their retirements together. Aud’s going to need a shoulder to cry on in the coming weeks, but it probably won’t go beyond that for our unlucky-in-love almost-pensioner and her old friend.


Billy and Paul (Baul. Or Pilly?)
Paul’s arrival has sent hearts aflutter in the knicker factory, and the revelation that he’s actually Gemma’s twin brother has opened up an interesting new direction for her as she struggles with her feelings for Ches. But what or who will Paul be doing now that he’s started to make himself at home? It looks as though a defrocking might be afoot with Billy discovering Paul’s sexuality. But will Paul be in it for the right reasons and are they well suited anyway? I think not on both counts. But I’m liking cheeky Paul already – he fits right in and allows us to get to know Gemma a little better.


Dev and Moira (Doira)
I’ve just pulled this one out of thin air but I reckon this romantic double act could be comedy gold. She’s crazy as hell, but with certain airs and graces, and he has a pretentious side too so their mad, up themselves double act could be a slapstick winner.


Sophie and Kate (Skate)
I never saw the chemistry between Kate and Rana, however their emotional scenes over Christmas really packed a punch and I could sense the love between them for the first time. That said, now that it’s over it should stay that way. There's suspicion something is going on between Kate and Sophie but things are uncertain at the minute. I remember interviewing Brooke Vincent about Sophie’s love life a couple of years ago, and she said she doesn’t want to be put with every other lesbian in the show because that’s not realistic, and I agree. Her pairing with Paula worked for me as it was unexpected, and I’d love to see more scenes with Stirling Gallacher, I think she’s great. However anything between Sophie and Kate would be too obvious and I can’t see much entertainment from them as a couple.


Carla and Peter (Parla)
This star-crossed pair have shared some lovely scenes in the past couple of weeks. There’s still a bit of game-playing between them, but they are both in on it and seem to be taking a more mature approach to their feelings rather than just jumping into something out of lust. I have to admit I’ve lusted after both of them of late, they are a right sexy pair and I think they are perfect for each other. The only down side to anything happening between them is that eventually it will come to an end to again. This is Coronation Street. And not only will it be disappointing for us all, it will most likely be a very, very dark time for Peter and Carla. 

Steve and Abi (Stabi?)
I know they’ve already dabbled. But I want them to dabble more. Abi has been a revelation for me since she arrived, she’s such a complex but likeable character and there’s real warmth in her that fits perfectly on the Street. And in some of her less guarded moments she has a comedic quality that fits Steve’s personality perfectly. Or maybe they are too alike? I’m not sure yet but I think they Stabi should have another stab at it. Sorry Tracy. 


Norris and Mary (Morris)
Word is that Norris is heading back to the Street soon, and I’m sure he’ll have some interesting stories to tell. But he’s missed a lot being away from Weatherfield for so long. Particularly with Mary and her family woes. Will her time of need see him become her knight in shining armour. Or will he return with a love interest in tow? Either way I quite like Mary in spinster mode, and Norris as a lone busybody. Not everybody has to be in a relationship, right?


Who do YOU think will be getting it on in 2019?


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Anonymous said...

What is it with this stupid fad of putting names together? JUST STOP IT!!!

Glenn Meads said...

Great post Stevie and I got that you were taking the mickey out of the fad for combining names. Well written and amusing.

Stevie Dawson said...

I was indeed Glenn but you can't please everybody

C in Canada said...

I too, have thought Moira and Dev would be a hilarious twosome! Glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Despite what everyone seems to say, I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few viewers at home found the snooker hall scenes a little bit cringing. There's much more of a spark between Nick and Carla at the factory. And Peter and Leanne are a much more natural fit - they can do the day to day and
a natural banter instead of a constant repeat of "I'll never let you down again! It's still there, you know it is!." It's becoming so boring.

Anonymous said...

But nonetheless an entertaining post - and I too like the fact that you made fun of the silly hybrid name thing.

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