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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 9th Jan 8.30pm

As promised, here is the 2nd part of Wednesday's Coronation Street.

Lewis's female harem are in awe at the funeral, as Audrey and Claudia air their grievances, in public. No dignity nor decorum as far as Audrey and Claud are concerned.

And as far Lewis?. Well, as my Nan used to say (she reminds me of Evelyn actually) 'there's no rest for the wicked', which is apt as his coffin goes back and forth as Claudia and Audrey halt and start his journey to the fire.

Back on the street, Liz has failed to show for the mitigating meeting with the Connors. As the Connors head back to the pub, Liz suitably arrives with the police in tow, just in time for Johnny and Jenny to be arrested!

Has Claudia avoided the same fate? She professes innocence as it becomes apparent that Lewis' ladies have paid for the service. Audrey, still smarting, delivers Lewis' old clothes to Claudia, around to Number 1. Will Ken heed the warning from the warring hairdresser?

Sally's suffering also continues as the brutal results of her beating are seen on screen. Meanwhile, bullying Marcia has been put into segregation. Talking to Tim on the phone, Sally breaks down. Here's hoping some more evidence comes to light.

Back at the Rovers, Sean revels in the news of his bosses' arrests to Nick, Gail, and Audrey.

Billy also arrives for his second 'date' but Paul already has company. A 'bit of trade' it may be, but Billy isn't in the mood for games and pushes Paul away.

The police pay another visit to the street (good job the cop shop is only around the corner) as Tim is given bad news about the alleged new evidence against Duncan. Even Interpol are involved! (Muse, The National, and other alt-indie bands were unavailable... sorry).

Under interrogation, Jenny gives the police 'no comment' which can only be the beginning of another police investigation. With the crimes on the street lately, I reckon they should set up an incident room in Roy's Rolls.

Meeting Rita in The Rovers, Cathy decides to pimp out Brian as the newsagent's new assistant. I'm sure that the wage decrease (as an ex-teacher) in an unpredictable economy, won't be a problem (!).

As the Platts head back over to the pub, (all of the gang together) a tipsy Gail does little to convince David that she works for MI5, whilst Audrey calls the police on Claudia. Nick heads home and takes his little gym bag with him. It seems Nick has a different kind of laundry (or money laundering), all together.

So is Claud completely innocent after all?. Tonight's revelation poses so many questions!. Keep your eyes peeled on the Coronation Street Blog, for more fan views, news, and opinion pieces.

And that's me done for another week.

What did you think about this Wednesdays episodes?. Go on, give us your opinion!.

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Barb Dwyer said...

Really gone of Liz now. She's turned really spiteful, must be spending too much time with Eileen.

christine said...

It is not spiteful to have the correct person arrested for hitting you with a car! That is called JUSTICE!

C in Canada said...

@Barb - you cannot POSSIBLY blame her for being spiteful over being sacked from her job for a previous relationship, and then being run over by your ex boss's drunk wife! Like christine above said, that's justice!
I'd be spitting nails too!

abbyk said...

I hate the idea of Brian working in a shop when he is SO good as a teacher and a total irritant with adults. I’ve seen some spoiler headlines and am not at all happy; maybe there will be a new opening, even for a long term substitute, and the Nice Headteacher Lady will beg him.

I am also incredibly disappointed, in my almost spoiler free bubble, that it was Nick who nicked Aud. It’s a huge character break; brain damage won’t cover it.

Re: Liz, I love people in possession of spines. They’ve both been horrible and unfair to her and she owes them nothing. That plus Billy walking out on thoroughly unsuitable Paul were my likes from last night.

Anonymous said...

spite is stealing

liz's phone and setting her up as a hooker. Calling the police for a crime sane and normal.

Anonymous said...

It's Sean I'm disgusted with due to his lack of loyalty to his employer.
The Connors hire him back after he steals whiskey from them for one of his homeless friends [whom he's forgotten about] and as in the case with Sally when she was found guilty revels in their misery.
I wonder why isn't Rita supporting her 'daughter' Jenny instead being more concerned about giving Brian a job in the Kabin.

Jonathan Middleton said...

@Barb Dwyer Yes how dare Liz get annoyed at two people who between them have

tracked and stalked her, plus setting her up as a hooker

sacked her in order to save their marriage

run her over.

But clearly Liz is to blame.

MartinS said...

I loved the humour in these two episodes from Jonathan Harvey.
The wayback references: "Fit for the knacker's yard" (Elsie Tanner, ep. 1) and "All fur coat and no knickers" (Ena of Elsie).

Also the fight between Aud and Claud over the coffin conveyor switch.

More, please!

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