Friday, 4 August 2017

Kate Connor's new girlfriend revealed on Coronation Street

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Sun (so take it with a pinch of salt on your Curry Sauce, as always) that reveals who Kate Connor's new love interest will be.

The Sun Online says they "can exclusively reveal actress Melissa Johns will be playing Kate's new love interest in the ITV soap after joining the cast last month."

Who is Melissa Johns? Find out all about her here.

Melissa will be seen on screen from September as Imogen.

Mr Curry Sauce told The Sun Online: "Imogen will make a massive impression on Kate when they first meet and soon end up on the cobbles. But while Kate is besotted with her new love it kicks off an unexpected reaction with Rana Nazir. Rana's always been accepting with Kate, but her reaction is strange and seems shockingly homophobic. The nurse is standoffish with Kate about her new romance and viewers will be left wondering what's behind Rana's behaviour."

Faye Brookes, who plays Kate Connor in Corrie, previously said in an interview about Kate's new romance: "I don't know whether the general public are going to take to it, I just know it's going to shock people for the right reasons. I think this love interest is just what Weatherfield needs - it's not what you expect at all."  

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Aussie Pete said...

If I remember correctly, wasn't Kate's new love interest supposed to be an existing character, not a new one?

The only way this would work is if Rana's homophobic remarks are due to her attraction to Kate, leading to her and Zeedan splitting and them hooking up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, I also thought the new love interested was an existing character. Aussie Pete is possibly right.

Maricha said...

Yes, this was supposed to be an existing character.
Rana may dislike this Imogen and not be keen to see her with Kate for completely different reasons than sexual orientation. I haven't seen her snub Billy or Todd or Caz when she was still around.

Canadian Girl said...

I'm pretty sure even the actress herself said the new romance would be with a current resident. It's very disappointing when Corrie reps provide misleading details. But then again, they could have changed their minds.
Another spin on this - could it be that Rana and Imogen have a past together, and that is why Rana becomes angry?

Aussie Pete said...

I suppose on the flip side, keeping us guessing does make it more interesting. It's amazing the difference between producers at what spoilers are revealed!

Zagg said...

Here we go, yet another random woman joining the street. Why can't they write stories about existing characters? You know, the people we have invested our time in?

Maricha said...

I agree that it's ridiculous to leave characters we already like on the back burner for years only to bring in new characters and try to drum up interest in them.

Keira Allcock said...

I don't know if a new character is shocking enough as Faye Brooke's made it dead clear the storyline would be shocking.

Louby said...

I think Aussie Pete has hit the nail on the head here. Rana's behaviour is going to be because she's jealous, which will probably lead to yet another love triangle, which the script writers think will shock us. Actually seeing people in normal, non-adulterous relationships is more shocking!

Cobblestone said...

Well, in this case, for the obvious reason that not many other women on the Street are lesbians (I'm sure no one wants to see Sofie mooning over Kate again). How many people actually meet partners on the same street where they live? Of course new characters have to be brought in for love interests, otherwise it's just unrealistic bed-hopping.

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