Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Gemma’s Mates Cause Chaos for Rita

Poor Rita, she’s not having the best time of things at the moment. Worried that she’s losing her mind and her marbles, Gemma only wants to help but ends up making things a whole lot worse.

Next week in Coronation Street, Gemam’s old mates Zoe and Roxy arrive on the Street and Gemma’s keen to impress them with her new job at the kebab shop. Shutting up shop, Gemma invites them to Rita’s flat where they raid the drinks cupboard. When Rita hears the sound of loud music she bursts in and finds them, disappointed in Gemma.

Rita orders Zoe and Roxy out of her flat. Gemma’s hurt while Rita’s furious, especially when a tearful Gemma berates her for scaring off her only mates. But when Gemma discovers that Rita has suggested to Jenny that she ask Gemma be one of her bridesmaids, their earlier row is quickly forgotten.

However as they head home, neither notice that Rita’s failed to lock the shop. Watching from nearby, Zoe and Roxy can’t believe their luck and sneak inside.  Then Rita discovers £100 stolen from her purse, realises someone has been in her bag and could have used her keys to the shop.

Gemma tearfully assures Rita she would never steal from her but Rita calls the cops and has Gemma taken away by the long arm of the law.  Oh dear.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish they would write Gemma out. One of the worst characters ever to be introduced. Awful, horrible person.

Tvor said...

Ah. So this is why we've had a few memory losses for Rita, so that she'd forget to lock the shop and end up causing contention between she and Gemma.

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