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Coronation Street Friday 4th August double episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with my thoughts on Friday’s farcical trip to Weatherfield! Friday’s episodes were enjoyable (yes you read that right!) but that doesn’t mean I won’t find something to whinge about!

The flat above the taxi office appears to have become the local refuge centre as it now houses Leanne, Steve, Liz, Erica and Baby Oliver. Liz can’t help but notice that her son and the mother of her grandson are getting along very well and excitedly suggests to Steve that he drive this chemistry forward. Of course, Steve fumbles his way out of this seemingly ridiculous theory. However, Liz knows what she is talking about – and so do we. Despite not being romantically linked, there is a definite spark between the parents of Baby Oliver. They’re behaving like a couple without realising it and Leanne even puts off a night out drinking with her sisters to eat pizza and watch telly with her NotHusband. So, in that moment, sitting in the red dress she planned to go out in, stuffing her face with pizza, cogs start to turn in Steve’s head. I think we all knew what was coming since this bizarre storyline has been so hyped up. In what would can only be described as a very tongue-in-cheek Corrie moment, the accidental parents are on the sofa watching a horror film with very stereotypical music seeping through the background. This music is juxtaposed almost ridiculously with Leanne’s face when Steve proposes!

The blonde haired Battersby splutters the cream from her chocolate, barely managing to stifle a laugh before storming back out of the flat back to the pub. In the back room of the Rovers, she – along with Toyah – thumps the bottle.  Eva and Toyah waste no time in teasing their sister, laughing at her bizarre situation before the tables turn completely. Leanne gets so drunk she accidentally reveals to Toyah that Eva is only faking her pregnancy as an act of revenge for Aidan’s affair with Maria. Initially a shock to Toyah, it soon appears she is secretly somewhat pleased given how much she hates “that old kennel maid”. It’s not long before the drinks are flowing and pretty soon, Leanne stumbles back into the flat and agrees to “marry the backside” off of Steve.   

Mary decides to be the captain of gossipy morality and reveal all to Dev about Erica’s attempt at hanky panky with Kevin Webster. Dev is furious; as Liz points out he is no stranger to infidelity, having been hurt by Sunita in the past. Naturally though, his affair with Deirdre many moons ago failed to get a mention. The criminally underused Erica cannot understand why Mary Poppins would meddle in business that is not her own and promptly turns into the Wicked Witch of the West, threatening get rid of her before winning Dev back. Despite Erica’s out-of-character villainous transformation, it was far easier to sympathise with her than the ostensibly moral Mary. Anyway, win back Dev she does. For all of five minutes that is. Mary has told apparent new best friend Gina about the threats she received, and Gina doesn’t hesitate to inform Dev, after aggressively kissing him. By the end of the episode, Erica has booked a cab and is heading back to the sunny Spain she left four years ago, not bothering to say goodbye to best friend Liz. Dev later receives a text from Gina asking to meet. Could she be his next shop worker girlfriend? Well, she’s far more suited to pricing up tins of beans than Erica ever was.

As well as all that, Michelle is given a whole new reason to cry. How exciting! She loves all that crying and sighing. As we’ve seen already, there is a nasty drugs plot about to embellish the Bistro. Robert knows something is going on, but there is little he can do. Things have all been a little strange recently. Just the other day, the window was smashed on the car she only just got for this storyline and Robert made sure to get it fixed before she found out about it. However, thanks to Kate very wisely gossiping about it when in the same room as Michelle, she now knows all about it. Not that she’s got time to worry about it now though, since the last we see of Michelle, she’s tied up in the back of a car - crying and sighing.

A good couple of episodes, but I do wish Mary had kept her nose out of Erica’s business. It made for a much weaker exit for someone who should have been a really strong character. A couple of brilliant performances from Simon Gregson and Jane Danson as Steve and Leanne. I’m looking forward to their marriage of convenience inevitably becoming a hilarious marriage of inconvenience. Yes it’s daft, but it’s the right kind of daft.

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Anonymous said...

In Mary's defense,She was acting out of concern to Dev who was betrayed by his girlfriend and friend.
I don't think telling a good friend he's being made a fool of weakened Mary as a character,I think it demonstrates how much she cares for her family[Dev and the children] and her friends and is loyal to them.
Beaides if Mary kept quiet and Dev found out she knew,their close friendship could have become strained.

Maricha said...

Mary is Dev's friend and trusted by him and the twins. Mary only befriended Erica because she started to date Dev and needed help to get along with his children.
People who don't want to be called out for trying to have an affair on the side have an easy solution at their disposal:leave the relationship they don't want. Then they're free to do as they please. I have zero sympathy for Erica in this.

Flo said...

While I have no sympathy for Erica, I wasn't wild about the way her character left. It wasn't all that realistic and came across a bit as the writers way of saying "don't let the door hit you in the arse".

Other than that, the rest of the episode was great, particularly the scenes with Steve and Leanne. I also loved the priests line in the confessional about "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". All around, some of the best writing in a while. I wasn't totally sold on the Leanne and Steve get married story line initially, but I can see this as being something fun. We need a good married couple, and it's about time both of them finally settled down for good!

Tvor said...

Mary did the right thing. More people that find out secrets like that should speak up if they are pretty sure they have the truth to tell.

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