Friday, 11 August 2017

5 Corrie Characters Pat Phelan Could Kill Off

Tabloids this week show paparazzi pictures of Phelan sitting in a car and their headlines blaze that he's going to kill off Daniel Osbourne. There's no substance to any of this, not from the pictures we've seen - and they're here - other than Daniel is also pictured sitting in his car, and it's suggested that Phelan has followed him and might do him in.

But Daniel Osbourne? Please, not him, we've hardly seen the best of him yet.

If Phelan really wants to kill off some of my least favourite residents of Weatherfield, here's where I'd like him to strike.

1. Bloodbath in the Bistro as Phelan lurks behind a bottle of Merlot harbouring menacing thoughts about Zeedan Nazir for being too flaming dull. Not even the promise of a new job with the once-mentioned-and-now-forgotten Speed Dahl and a glamorous wife in Rana can save Zeedan now.

2. Carnage on the Cobbles as Robert's run out of town.

3. Slaughter in the Salon as Phelan disguises himself as one half of the Renshaw Twins to give Maria  a very bad perm.

4. Fear in the Factory as Phelan stitches Sean right up like a kipper.

5. Riot in the Rovers as Phelan gets Toyah pregnant, she leaves Peter, Peter leaves the Rovers and lets Steve and Leanne take up their rightful place as the new Jack and Vera, please.

Or maybe Phelan really does go after Daniel, after all? Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

Can't he just jum—Ä in front of a tram and do us all a favour?

abbyk said...

Love the Bistro scenario. He gets Robert, Michelle and Kate, plus Aidan who is hanging out at the bar; Daniel is wounded and saved by Zeedan who emerges from the kitchen. Both are traumatized. D writes a memoir, Z suffers thru it in the food truck and at home.

Maricha said...

Come now, if Phelan kills enough people, he'll likely die in a hail of bullets:D So, if he happens to bump off characters we've seen more than enough of like Michelle, Robert, Maria and Aiden, during his murderous spree it may be a good thing.

Not Daniel, though. I don't like him but the character hasn't had much of a chance yet.

Christine K said...

I'm wondering in the tabloid pictures that show Phelan at a senior's home is that he's visiting a relative or past victim? Perhaps they have been violent towards him hence the black eye?

Zagg said...

Well, since we know that Anna is leaving, maybe he kills her somehow. They do have a tumultuous history. And she is just not going to up and leave Faye or Gary, so killing her off makes sense.

C Webb said...

If he touches Maria it will be the last thing he ever does on the Cobbles, mark my words!!!!!

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