Thursday, 15 June 2017

Victoria Street extension revealed in new set plans

Digital Spy user Pyramidbread spotted new plans for the set extension, which seem to show an extension to Victoria Street and Kitchener Street.

It seems like they're adding quite a substantial number of new facades to the street further up from Victoria Court apartments, which will open up quite a large amount of new space on the set.

What businesses and houses could we expect to see there?

Although we know the basics, it seems the purpose of all these new locations will be a mystery until we see them on screen! It seems there are exciting times ahead for Coronation Street!

Discover more about the set expansion here.

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Aussie Pete said...

Anyone notice it says 'Webster's Builders?'

Come Back Emily said...

Yes it does.
It could be a mistake or actually meant to say that.
Was Bill Webster a builder?

Maricha said...

Yes, Bill Webster, Kevin's father was a builder.

Aussie Pete said...

Bill used to own the yard years ago, but that'd make this a pretty old map they are drawing the new plans on!

Cobblestone said...

Unless the name of the business was never changed. I think Jason had it from Bill, and now Phelan. Phelan can't really change its name as it's still Jason's business, and Jason was probably too thick to change the name. Although it involves a bit of retconning, we were supposed to believe that it's actually Len Fairclough's old yard - Rita has referenced this - despite the fact that the office is on an upper level now.

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