Friday, 16 June 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 16 June

TRACY PUSHES DANIEL TOO FAR Daniel’s crushed when Sinead refuses to talk to him. Meanwhile in the bistro Robert’s taken aback when Rich, a friend from the past, calls in. After flirting with Michelle, Rich quietly offers Robert some drugs. Robert declines but not before Daniel clocks their exchange. After a confrontation with Tracy, Daniel flips and Robert orders him to go home and calm down. In the Rovers an emotional Daniel knocks back the drinks. Daniel then approaches Rich and buys some drugs, making out they’re for Robert.
KATE THREATENS TO REVEAL JOHNNY’S SECRET Kate calls at Johnny’s flat and is horrified to see the gash on his forehead. Having been summoned by Kate, Rana tends to his wound. Frustrated at Johnny’s attitude towards his condition, Kate heads out to speak to Aidan. Johnny begs Rana to find Kate and stop her from telling Aidan about his MS.
BILLY MAKES PROMISES Billy’s put out when Todd tells him he won’t be able to make their first meeting with Summer as he’s accepted some temp work. Going alone Billy instantly warms to Summer
ELSEWHERE When Liz tells Alya and Kate they need to vacate the Street Cars flat as she and Steve are moving in, Luke suggests the girls rent his spare room. Eileen’s in celebratory mood having passed her driving theory test. Neil visits Bethany, giving her an address and telling her to meet Nathan there tomorrow at 11am.

When Rich demands payment for Daniel’s drugs, Robert’s taken aback. Concerned for his welfare, Robert hammers on Daniel’s door. Adam approaches and they let themselves in. They’re horrified to find Daniel slumped unconscious.
JOHNNY HAS SECOND THOUGHTS Rana persuades Kate to let Johnny tell Aidan about his condition in his own time.
BILLY AND TODD DECIDE WHAT TO DO ABOUT SUMMER Billy breaks the news to Todd that he’s agreed Summer can come and live with them. How will Todd react?
ELSEWHERE Aidan’s shocked when he anonymously receives the picture on his phone of him kissing Maria in the ginnel. Is his secret about to be blown? Bethany cooks a meal for the whole family in the secret knowledge that it’ll be their last one together as she’s leaving with Nathan tomorrow.

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Maricha said...

Thanks FN! Luke has a spare room? I didn't even realize he had a flat

Anonymous said...

Where did you think he lived? He shared it with Stef and Andy. How soon you forget?

Maricha said...

I knew he lived with Stef (and Tina earlier) and Andy but I didn't think he was still there after they left.

Isn't it where Phelan killed Andy? Phelan took his time trying to clean up the place and then flooded it when he realized the stains weren't coming out and he needed an excuse to replace it.If he lived there,wouldn't Luke have complained about not having access to his flat while Phelan made excuses about it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he still does live there. If he didn't, like anon said, where do you think he lived? This is what happens when you deal in fantasy all the time, you forget the reality

Maricha said...

Lol, I think you're both forgetting that it's all fantasy. I thought he lived at Fizz and Tyrone's like Freddie and Alya had.

Now that the show has to relocate characters they remembered the flat exists and that Luke would need flatmates to pay for it.

Come Back Emily said...

Alya and Kate living and sleeping in the same room.
This can only lead to them getting together.

Cobblestone said...

Phelan told him he was fixing the problem, so he stayed with his parents for a couple of night, as far as I can remember. But it WAS addressed.

Cobblestone said...

Luke's continued residence at the Yard flat has been referenced.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

I hope it does, it might make Alya more interesting

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