Thursday, 15 June 2017

Does Johnny love Jenny?

Yes, I believe he does. I think he told Jenny that it was all over and that he didn’t love her, because of his diagnosis and his sincere wish not to tie Jenny down. She is just 46 and he is 63, with a serious degenerative illness, which eventually could rob him of his mobility and his speech – and of being able to do anything for himself

Both Richard Hawley and Sally Ann Matthews played a blinder last night. In particular, Sally Ann as Jenny - she acted so well and her heartbreak was so real. She says she can never again trust her own judgement, that she was certain Johnny loved her and through her tears, spoke of all those she had lost: her mum, her dad and her son Tom.

Rita and Eva did their best to comfort her, but Jenny was too deeply affected for them to provide solace. Rita did a good job of tackling Johnny too, but to no avail – yet.

It was a selfless act of Johnny to lie to her, in a way, but I’m sure Jenny, though very sad for Johnny, would be only too willing to take care of him and the age difference and the illness, would be almost immaterial to her.

Is my hunch right? What do you think?

By Ruth Owen, twitter: @Ruth1722

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Cobblestone said...

Totally agree, Ruth. Jenny is without doubt a bit of a madame, but I think at heart she's a decent person and genuinely loves Johnny. That's not to say she isn't tickled pink with all the trappings of being engaged to the boss, but the feelings at the heart of their relationship are genuine.

boris the spider said...

I too think Jenny would probably love to look after Johnny through his illness, would make her feel needed, something she obviously craves. And I'm pretty sure Johnny loves her.

Ruth Owen said...

Thanks Cobblestone and Boris the Spider. It was a sign of her genuine feelings when she took off her ring and declared herself not to be a gold digger.

Copperpot said...

I have to say this couple doesn't work for me and I truly hope their wedding is called off for good.

Diane said...

Yesterdays episode was the first time I believed Jenny actually loved Johnny since they started this relationship. Shes forever talking about the "bank of johnny", how much things cost and how she always wants to go grander/more expensive with his cash. When she's at work she's never actually working, and doesn't actually treat him very nice. Her snide, sarcastic comments and little digs at him are cringeworthy.

If they had shown this Jenny from the beginning I would be all for their relationship but as it is now I can't stand her and hope they stay broken up. But I doubt that will happen.

Maricha said...

I don't know Ruth, I can't tell if Jenny seemed to like Johnny mostly for his money because that's the truth or if it's because she's mentally unstable.Either way, I wouldn't want her around someone who might not always be at their strongest in the future. I'm also not that certain that Johnny loves her enough that it would be worth the sacrifices that are sure to come their way.He always seemed as if he was of two minds about even being involved with her. I'd rather see her get some help for her issues and find true love and him hire a carer when needed.

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