Friday, 16 June 2017

Summer arrives in Coronation Street tonight

Summer arrives in Coronation Street tonight. She's the daughter of Billy's ex-fella Drew.  Can Billy talk Todd into taking Summer into their hearts and looking after her?

While Billy instantly warms to his god-daughter, Todd might need more persuading to take on a teenager. Can Todd and Billy make it as parents, together?

However, all will not go smoothly. Corrie producer Kate Oates revealed to us at a recent Corrie press day that there will be trouble ahead from Drew's parents. In addition, Billy's shady past will be explored too.

You can read all of Kate Oates' comments here.

Summer will be played by actress Matilda Freeman. Matilda is best known for Strain (2016), short film Lifeline (2016) and Limbo (2017). She has also worked with singer LukeGoss on the film The Last Boy.

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Zagg said...

I'm sorry, but this storyline is ridiculous. Todd and Billy live with Todd's mother, they barely know this kid, yet she's supposed to live with them rather than her biological grandparents?
While I like the idea of Billy being a parent, this seems quite the stretch to make it happen?
Just how many people can Eileen fit into that house?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Billy have a vicarage where he lives at least part of the time?

Cobblestone said...

I do feel we've been short-changed as viewers here, as it's all come on ridiculously fast. Billy, we are expected to believe, has fallen in love with the kid over lunch? He's known her - what? An hour? Two? Okay, I can actually accept that, as it's an authentically 'Billy-thing'. He has a heart the size of the Trafford Centre. But in storytelling terms, we needed to SEE the bonding as viewers. Otherwise it's the great dramatic sin of 'telling' rather than 'showing'. I doubt Summer spoke three lines - no matter if one of them was precociously sassy. If we are to sympathise with her plight, we need to feel we KNOW her, whether or not we like her. We need to see the interaction with Billy. Now, if I were to be charitable, I might suggest that this was a deliberate ploy to force us to view the matter from Todd's perspective - we, the viewers, have seen precious little more of his imminent daughter than he has - but I think that would be to give the writers too much credit. If we are to believe Summer is ├╝ber-adorable, SHOW us! Then we'll root for her!

Tashacat said...

Drew has parents? Why on earth is Summer not going to live with them? I i see a custody battle ahead.

Tashacat said...

PS I agree with all the above comments

Corriegated Cardboard said...

Drew has been estranged from his parents because they are homophobic, and it got even worse after they adopted summer, as far as i recall

Corriegated Cardboard said...

although it doesn't make much difference, Summer is not biologically related to them because Drew and his ex adopted her

Rapunzel said...

Plausible or not, I still loved all the scenes involving Billy. He's made Todd a more sympathetic character too. They're a very strong couple and I find their scenes together powerful.

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