Sunday, 11 June 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

Coronation Street went back to its usual schedule this week after last week's drama when it was on every night. But that doesn't mean that it wasn't as action-packed as Eva's black PVC playsuit. Let's have a look at 5 things we learned this week in our favourite show.

1. Kirky likes his mid-day bath

Dashing home from work in his lunch time to have his mid-day bath is a treat for Kirk as he takes a break from packing knickers at the factory. I've given him three little birds too. Bob Marley would be chuffed.

2. Having your name on a bench isn't all that

She might have a bench dedicated to her but that doesn't mean everyone remembers Maxine Peacock. Well, Craig and Bethany didn't seem to know.  And as Maxine was killed by her gran Gail's husband, you'd think Bethany might have had an inkling. Young 'uns these days, eh?

3. Barlows' backyard is a great place for burning books

In the backyard of the Barlows' house, Ken set fire to the blood-stained book that Daniel hit him with, destroying the evidence.  It's not the first time that Ken's set fire to a book in the backyard of No. 1. Back in 2008 his writing career went up in flames when he burned the manuscript of a book he'd been working on.

4. Gina stitched teddy bears

She's a woman of many talents, is Gina. Slicing through lacy knickers in the packing department one minute, becoming star stitcher the next. "I used to stitch teddies," she told Johnny Connor.  She'll be running the place next, just you mark my words. And I'd love to see how that goes down with sister Sally!

5.  Eva Price has a beautiful finger

Loved Phil Wheeler the jewellery dealer this week. "You've a beautiful finger," he told Eva Price. "You'll make some bloke very happy with it."

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1 comment:

Maricha said...

I don't blame Kirk. He lives with others: Beth, Chesney, Sinead(?) so the best time to bathe in peace must be mid-day when they're at work.

It's not just having a bench that isn't all that. It regularly happens that some group will want a street name changed because the accomplishments of the namesake or the greatness of the event it commemorates are forgotten by all but the most rabid history buffs.
I used to think Rosie's flakiness was a bit of an act but Aunty Gina has me thinking it's a family trait.

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