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Friday, 1 July 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 1 July 2016

Tracy in pain, Izzy in pain, Caz in fake pain, and mere seconds of light relief. Yes, I must admit, having read the previews, I wasn’t filled with enthusiasm for tonight’s Corrie, but here goes.

Deciding to swerve her appointment at the specialist in favour of going to a violin recital she’s not welcome at, Tracy’s efforts to win Amy over continue to hit a bum note. The mere sight of her mother causes Amy to make a mistake, and run from the hall. Tracy might be sincere about getting back in her daughter’s good books, but predictably gives us reason to ask if she’s worthy of it. As Ken gives her a stern telling off for failing to respect Amy’s wish that she not attend, she is overheard by her daughter making a snide remark about her musical talent. Ken and Liz really are great role models for Amy where her mother fails. 

Of course, it’s all about Tracy, and Eccles has to listen to her ‘poor me’ routine as she brings him for a walk before collapsing in the ginnel.

Beth and Robert find her with Eccles’ help and she’s whisked to hospital where Ken later joins them, while Amy refuses. It’s poor form on Beth’s part to be blaming Ken, who knew nothing, for giving her a hard time, and Robert for not believing her. But I do enjoy Tracy and Beth's friendship, and her remark to Tracy about Robert scooping her up like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, and how she would’ve loved it if she wasn’t unconscious, was delivered with great comic timing by Lisa George.

Tracy is more interested in winning Robert back than the fact that her only kidney might fail, and news that things are looking good for a recovery doesn’t make much of an impact on her after he knocks her back and she’s left in tears. Learning from Ken that Amy doesn’t want to see her leaves her reeling and more determined than ever to win her daughter back. I really feel at this point that Tracy’s story needs to go somewhere. Okay, we don’t want her to be ‘good’, but this cycle of bad action – bad reaction – self pity needs to reach its conclusion. Will this be the long awaited and much needed turning point?

It’s similarly grim at chez Izzy as she prepares for sentencing with a child rota for Anna and Gary, and plenty of tears. She’s emotional after leaving Jake with Anna, and ends up snogging Gary. He responds by kissing her back and adds a dash of false hope for a reconciliation. It’s anyone’s guess who’s looking after Jake with Anna in court by her son’s side, but anyway, it’s a two month sentence and more misery for Izzy who is denied a phone call and a photo as she’s left alone in her cell. Meanwhile Anna’s none too pleased to hear about the kiss, and insists Gary set Izzy straight. He knows he has to, but can’t do it while she’s in the clink. Talk about complicating matters. I never believed in this couple, and so I hope he does, for both their sakes.

Speaking of couples I can’t believe in, Caz comes to the rescue when a broken cooker puts paid to Liam’s birthday party at Maria’s, and she offers to host it in Kate’s without consulting her. No surprise there. She even offers to get a piñata. The piñata was the least of it, it was a full on Mexican themed party which is what all the kids are into these days, isn’t it? Sophie may have been (quite bizarrely) annoyed at Luke to hear Caz and Kate had been invited along, but she’s delighted when he reveals he spotted Caz’s supposedly injured leg moving freely and found the painkiller she allegedly took down the sink. Sophie is determined to tell Kate. To what ends? I don’t think Sophie and Kate are any more believable, but I guess at least Kate would be aware of the truth, though I can't see her believing it. I am wondering though, what has Caz told the army to explain her absence?

Clear highlight of the night is Pat Phelan. When Pat wants to create ‘atmospherics’ and regale you with a ‘stormy night’ tale, you had better look enthusiastic. ‘I’m a storyteller at heart’ he tells his blank faced accomplice arsonist before chillingly revealing his calculated plans to take over Jason’s business. Cue Eileen with his unhappy ending; Jason has put her in charge of his business and finances. Pat is seething as she gets excited about cutting her hours at Streetcars to become more involved and take over the administration. While I was delighted to learn Jason had done this, I was surprised to find myself as irritated as Pat at the thought of her meddling in affairs. Could it be that I subconsciously want Pat to succeed at world domination? I’m intrigued as to where he will go from here and don’t doubt the capacity of his evil internal Sat Nav to recalculate the route. 

By Emma Hynes
Facebook: EmmaHynesWrites
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Unknown said...

Kevin had agreed to look after Jake, whilst they were in court.

Rapunzel said...

For bizarre reasons that I can't even explain to myself, Tracy continues to be one of my favourite characters.

Emma Hynes said...

Thanks for clarifying, Susan.

Ancient corrier said...

None of the kids on street seem to have any friends, poor Liam stuck with all those adults for his bizarre Mexican birthday party.

Anonymous said...

Ancient corrier,I agree with you and wondered why wasn't Max,Fiz's and Tyrone's daughters and Craig invited?I also wondered where was
Uncle Kirk and Aunt Beth?It seemeda contrived ploy for more Caz drama.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Craig would go to a seven year olds party, he's 17,even though he is a related by marriage

Anonymous said...

Not only were there only adults at the party, they were all ignoring the poor birthday boy.
Also, I know it's not a medical documentary, but if Tracey's kidney was really failing she'd have been very unwell for a while, not dashing around looking like a million dollars.

Anonymous said...

"internal sat nav" it!


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