Monday, 1 February 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 1 February

Monday 1st February
CARLA’S HOMECOMING IS FAR FROM PLAIN SAILING With Carla due home from hospital, Kate asks Johnny to get some shopping in and hands him the key to Carla’s flat. Carla arrives home with Michelle and confides in her how the guilt of having slept with Robert behind Nick’s back is killing her. Carla’s horrified to find Johnny in her kitchen, having overheard. Johnny promises her secret is safe with him and as Aidan and Eva set off for the O’Driscoll’s party, Johnny grabs Robert and shoving him into the ginnel, tells him they need to have a little chat.
KATE’S CAUGHT AS A GO-BETWEEN Sally tells Kate how upset Sophie is that Jenny’s back on the scene and asks her if she’ll take her out for a drink and cheer her up. Kate’s happy to help but after hearing Jenny’s explanation about how the death of her son made her mentally ill, Kate tells Sophie how deeply sorry Jenny is for what she did. Sophie’s furious with Kate for siding with the enemy. Meanwhile as Jenny helps out in the Kabin, Norris makes life uncomfortable.
FIZ PUTS FINANCES BEFORE FIANCES Despite Tyrone’s protestations, Fiz sets off to sell her engagement ring, insisting she has no choice as they need the cash. When Fiz arrives home to find Tyrone’s cooked a surprise meal and bought a bottle of prosecco, can they put their problems behind them?
ELSEWHERE Kevin apologises to Anna for not being more understanding. Will they kiss and make up? Mary remains convinced that everyone’s laughing behind her back.

Monday 1st February
CARLA FACES SOME HOME TRUTHS Johnny menacingly reveals to Robert that he knows about his fling with Carla and suggests he should pull out of the bistro and walk away. Will Robert be fazed by Johnny’s threats? Meanwhile Aidan and Eva arrive at the O’Driscolls and are taken aback to realise they’ve been invited to a formal dinner party. Aidan desperately tries to get hold of Johnny who has got caught up with Carla, now blaming himself for her fateful night with Robert as she was reacting to the news that he’s her Dad. After dinner, Richie and Julia lead the guests into the lounge for karaoke. Aidan’s horrified but Eva saves the day and Richie’s impressed. As Aidan and Eva arrive home, unbeknown to them a teenage girls Marta quietly slips out of the back of the van, whilst Aidan berates Johnny for failing to show up at the O’Driscolls and letting him down yet again. 
JENNY LANDS BACK ON HER FEET Sally lays into Jenny, Rita and Kate for upsetting Sophie. Kate’s mortified and insists she was only trying to help. Tim leads Kate back to No.4 and encourages she and Sophie to sort out their differences. Meanwhile Rita approaches Aidan about jobs for Jenny at the factory. Aidan offers Jenny a trial as the cleaner.
TYRONE BANKS ON FIZ’S FORGIVENESS As Tyrone pours over the household accounts, Fiz switches off the heating and insists they wear an extra jumper instead. Tyrone’s deflated
ELSEWHERE As Phelan, Jason and Eileen enjoy a drink in the bistro, Kevin and Anna arrive for dinner. Phelan smirks at Anna unnerving her. Clearly upset, Mary refuses to leave the sanctuary of No.7, adamant everyone’s talking about her. At Dev’s request, Erica tries to speak to Mary but only makes matters worse.

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Anonymous said...

Sally needs a slap! Conniving to get Kate to take Sophie out for a pity drink - since, you know, they're the only two gays in the village (sarcasm, for those who don't know Little Britain) - she has the nerve to have a go at Kate, Rita and Jenny for "upsetting Sophie"?? KEVIN has moved on, so what the hell is her problem?!

Zagg said...

Ugh....upsetting Sophie? What a lame angle to take. How did the Jenny Bradley story become all about Sophie?

Anonymous said...

Zagg, maybe paving the way for Sophie's exit? It can't come soon enough, BTW!

Anonymous said...

To be honest my problem is exactly the opposite - that no one seems concerned by how it is affecting Sophie & haven't even asked if she is ok with Jenny coming back - they just seem to think that as long as Kevin is ok then his is the only opinion that matters.

I mean Jenny is the woman who:

1/once lied about Sophie attacking her & causing a rift between her & her dad.
2/on the night of the fire tried to kidnap her brother causing Maddie to rush off to warn them & get caught in an explosion.
3/kidnapped her brother & then almost jumped off a balcony.

I wouldn't want someone who did that moving back in across the street either - the problem is that the writers haven't shown this or really acknowledged why Sophie is so upset.

Also Rita was going on about how she wanted to help Jenny - surely the sensible thing would be to first check with her therapist whether bringing her back to the street would actually help with her recovery?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7;20,I agree with your comments about Sophie as I've had the same though and I'm surprised that neither Kevin or Rita aren't more concerned about Jenny's state of mind.

Granted I could understand Fiz need to save money but turning off the heat in the middle of winter with two young children,one who is just out of hospital isn't exactly wise.If someone gets sick will Tyrone get the blame for that too? There better not be a scene with Fiz 'warming up'in the pub or the café.

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