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Ever fonder of Erica - the Joy of Erica Holroyd

I had the genuine pleasure of interviewing Claire King just before she joined the cast of Coronation Street. She was warm, friendly and tried hard to answer our questions. She told us that her character, Erica Holroyd, had fallen on difficult times. She was living in Spain and she had left her abusive and violent boyfriend and without any time to pack, she was literally in possession of no more than the clothes she stood up in. Erica found employment with none other than Liz Mcdonald who was running a bar in Spain. Erica worked very hard for her wages and in return Liz gave her bed and board. Liz and Erica swiftly became good friends and then, sometime later, Erica turned up in The Rovers. Delight was in abundance for the two reunited friends. The reason for Erica’s arrival on the cobbles in December 2014, was because her mother, who lives in Preston was unwell.

Initially, much as I had enjoyed interviewing Claire King, I was disappointed in the character of Erica Holroyd. What’s more, I wasn’t sure why. After all, I liked that she waited for service in the Bistro, became impatient, then decided to serve herself, much to Ma Rodwell’s/Macintyre’s disgust! But what did Erica do wrong? Nothing dishonest or criminal.

Erica and Nick started a relationship – nothing serious and both were happy with it that way. Erica knew she was returning to Spain so there would be no point in getting serious. Then fate intervened in the shape of Erica’s mother who had a fall and needed help.

Later, Erica told Nick that she was pregnant with his baby. Once used to the idea, they were both excited until fate got in the way again and Erica lost the baby. They decided that they should stay together but Nick’s feelings for Carla had grown strong, and Erica moved over to allow Nick and Carla to develop their relationship.

In her next incarnation on the cobbles. she is a free woman, a great friend to Liz and a singles night companion for Anna. Erica has come into her own. She was a great support to Liz when it was discovered that Tony was cheating on her with Tracy and attempting to take the Rovers.

Erica now works in Dev’s shop, and it seemed at first that Dev had designs on her. That idea seems to have blown over – for now anyway. What has particularly impressed me about Erica is her role as a friend to Mary. Very few women on the cobbles have bothered to be kind to Mary let alone get to know her. Erica has befriended her. If anyone needs a friend right now, it is Mary, after Brendan’s wife humiliated her in The Rovers. Since then Mary has been in a dreadful state and is languishing around Dev’s house.

Dev is anxious about Mary’s welfare, partly because he cares about her, but largely because how Mary is, affects the smooth running of his children’s lives. Erica has no such motive. Erica is being kind because that is her nature. She has nothing to gain. Nevertheless, she stops Mary watching Loose Women, and tells her that it would be a great idea to go shopping together to buy something for the children’s tea. From not wanting to leave the sofa, and certainly not wanting to cook, the wonderful Erica has found a way to get Mary up and doing – all in a matter of minutes. ‘Come shopping with me, it’ll be fun.’ Later, when the children come to the table, Mary is enthusiastically serving them. Great work, Erica.

I like the fact that we have on the cobbles now, an attractive woman in her fifties, who is confident, stylish and independent and who doesn’t appear desperate to grab a man. It is my hope that the writers leave her that way, at least for a good while.

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abbyk said...

There are some actors who bring out the best in everyone around them, and I think our Erica is one of them. Dev seems so much more relaxed and 'normal' in their scenes; I hope they don't date but become a doubles act, special friends. Can't stand Mary or Anna, but with Erica, they are fun bunches of gal pals. I do hope they make more time for BFF Liz, at least a few odd shifts behind the bar together. She's a keeper!

Scott Willison said...

"Whore starts with a W" is a line for the ages!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I can't share your enthusiasm when it comes to Erica. Every time she appears I just wonder why she's even there.
I can see that the writers are trying to make her fit in but it feels too forced. Claire King's Kim Tate was an excellent character and Erica is a complete flop in comparison.

John McE said...

I must admit that when she was first announced, I was sceptical, but she has become that archetypal Corrie character - a strong, slightly brassy women with a heart of gold.

If Bev Callard ever decides to leave, I could see Erica fitting in very nicely as the new landlady of the Rovers.

Anonymous said...

I am completely warming to the character and very glad that she is on the cobbles and being a wonderful friend to Liz, Mary & Anna. At least she is able to bring out the best of the women. I just had a flash thought, will she be the one to get on the back of the bike of the fellow that is joining the street? Now that I could see. She or Liz are the only ones who would have the gumption to do that. Could be great fun to watch.

Sally @saturnexpress said...

She has a nice combination of being light and not dramatic in her response to life's event, but also very genuine and intelligent. You can't pull anything over on Erica. I admire her! And best of all, she makes me laugh! W for whore indeed!

Anonymous said...

I really don't enjoy this character and I can't see the point of Erica Holroyd. I don't really enjoy Claire King's acting, but it is just my opinion.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree with your writeup. I have come to love Erica. I hope she does stay a long time. Also I like the friendship with that is a couple that should remain friends. Dev has two women now in his life that he is not sleeping with or cheating on! I think it is great for his character.
Team Erica!

Laura said...

I think Erica is working well as "glue" for various characters, particularly women. Even though Anna has been cleaning the Rovers for a while, we never saw her and Liz interacting as friends until Erica got them together. I like that she is nobody's fool, unafraid to speak her mind and makes a lot of sense when she does. She could very well freshen up stale characters like Dev. I hope she stays a while.

Kathy Brett said...

I totally agree. She is turning into a brilliant character. Hope we see more of her

vintgal003 said...

I will cue up on the 'YAH for Erica' side.....took awhile for me to warm up to her...and indeed...I now have! She has befriended some of the ladies now...and good on her for doing that! Well done, Corrie writers!

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