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Corrie weekly update - Hey Big Spender! Vote for Sal!

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It’s been a good week on the cobbles this week, with lots of action and some very funny lines.  And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Fiz and Tyrone tighten their belts in an attempt to pay back Tyrone’s loan. Fiz sells her engagement ring, puts Tyrone on pocket money rations and tells him “It’s Freshco’s Fundamentals all the way” from now on for them both. 

Meanwhile, it’s “Frescho’s Finest” across the road for Sally.  Nothing but the best for the would-be Weatherfield council. She corrals Ken and Tim to start on her campaign to win the election. It turns out she’s only got four weeks in which to ramp up her campaign after Ken tells her there’s to be a by-election.  There’s a wonderful scene in Ken’s house with Tim, who’s in there for the first time. “Is this your dad?” Tim asks Ken, picking up a picture of grumpy uncle Albert. With Sally, Audrey, Ken and Tim around Ken’s dining room table working on Sally’s campaign, little Simon sits on the sofa, not paying much attention. But when he starts chipping in with questions about Sally’s campaign, questions she can’t answer and has no idea about, Sally is Not Best Pleased.  Would you vote for Sally? 

Sally’s been front-row-centre for much of the action this week. As well as her campaign to become councillor, she’s determined to get rid of Jenny Bradley too.  Sally’s up in arms when she finds out that Jenny’s started work as the factory cleaner and she does all she can to be nasty to her. Sally’s so incensed that Jenny’s working there that she resigns. It’s like Betty behind the bar of the Rovers all over again, she was always walking out and coming back.

When little Jack goes missing (again) and he’s found with Jenny (again), it’s all Sally and Sophie can do to stop from blowing their Jenny-hating gaskets.  Kevin is angry too, of course, but he’s prepared to listen to Jenny who tells him to ask Jack where he disappeared to. Jack admits to his dad that he followed Jenny into the factory because he wanted to be with her.  Rita takes Jenny back into the fold after an almighty screaming match on the Street between Sally, Sophie, Kevin and Jenny.  Later in the Rovers, Jenny calls in on Sally and tells her to back off, or else. There was an evil twitch in Jenny’s eye as she said it too.

Jenny’s also blamed this week for stealing stuff from the factory. Sean’s French Fancies go missing from his locker and Beth loses some cash.  They all think it’s Jenny who’s up to no good, but it’s not.  On the hunt for Aidan, Eva goes into the factory after hours and finds a young Polish girl hiding upstairs. The girl is hungry and scared and Eva feeds her and listens to her as she tells her story. She’s been smuggled into the country by an evil gang and forced to work as a maid for people who are holding her passport and threaten to hurt her family if she goes to the cops.  It’s an interesting story and one that will be linked to the party that Aidan took Eva to at the O’Driscoll mansion. 

Eva’s done up to the nines, tens and elevens in a red feathered frock and heels. She looks the bees knees but can’t walk on the cobbles and needs Aidan’s help to get into the van he drives her to the party in. The O’Driscolls are awful people and it’s clear the dinner party they’re throwing is all about them showing off what they’ve got, including a karaoke system in their living room.  They want Aidan to sing, and I think Shayne Ward fans would have wanted him to sing too, but it’s Eva who gets up and belts out ‘Hey Big Spender’. Wonderful stuff.  “Would you like a pashmina?” Mrs O’D asks Eva when she arrives at their house and appears to be cold. “Oh, I’ll drink anything, me,” Eva replies.

Mary mopes for much of the week, trying to mend her broken heart. Erica does her best to get Mary out of the house and even Dev shows his sensitive side in an attempt to stop Mary from crying. Erica encourages Mary to come to the pub but she’s afraid of being seen in public, calling herself a scarlet woman, something she’s not proud of.  “In the scarlet letter book I am a H” she says (or something similar, I’m paraphrasing here).  Erica replies wonderfully with “But Whore is spelt with a W!”  “I meant Harlot!” huffs Mary.

And finally this week, Leanne gets chatted up in the Bistro by someone who isn’t Nick, Robert or Zeedan.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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John McE said...

Is anyone else disgusted by the number of characters who can't accept that Jenny was mentally ill when she took Jack?

To have self-righteous Sally and Sophie condemn her after she has finished her treatment is understandable, but apart from Rita, it seems no-one else has any sympathy for her losing her child at all. It all seems very ugly to me.

And I wonder if we'll ever get an explanation of how the Polish girl came to be holed up in the factory? Did she stow away in O'Driscoll's car when he visited the factory? Wouldn't they have noticed that she has disappeared? And how did she manage to steal Sean's French Fancies and money, in a crowded factory, without anyone noticing her?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you re: Jenny - it just comes across as a cheap & easy way for there to be more trial and tribulations on the street. A lot of viewers felt it would have been way better if from the start they had concentrated on the fact that Jenny had mental health issues after loosing her son and getting her some much needed health instead of Sally & Sophie being as mean as possible.
I believe that Marta hid in Aidan's van on the night of the O'Driscoll dinner party - why else would Aidan have driven the van because he only pulled out 2 pairs of very dainty knickers as samples, so there again a weak raison d'etre.

Anonymous said...

I'm also disgusted with the Websters' holier than thou behaviour with Jenny.
In the past Jenny was not a favorite of mine but I'm sympathetic to her now and I hope both Sally and Sophie get their comeuppance.

Anonymous said...

Has she finished her treatment though?

While I agree that Sally should really keep her nose out I am fine with Sophie not being very understanding - Jenny played a part in wrecking her life.

If Jenny had just snapped & took Jack on the spur of the moment I think Sophie might be a bit more understanding.

Its the way that Jenny planned out everything - the disguise, the flat under a false name & using Maddie's funeral as a cover for the abduction that don't sit well with me.

Besides just because Jenny is better doesn't automatically make her a good person - we saw the mask slip a couple of times in tonight's episodes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16;53,Right now I'm giving Jenny the benefit of the doubt and frankly being constantly falsely accused would drive anyone to lose their temper.
As for Jenny ruining Sophie's life I recall Maddie gaslighting Norris letting him believe he was developing dementia almost ruining his life until her nasty actions were stopped by Mary and condoned by 'Christian' Sophie who also stole money from her father and yet Jenny is the 'bad seed'who's not allowed a second chance like Maddie was?

Anonymous said...

Too true that Sally shut just shut her giant gob! Jenny is nowt to do with her beyond a reason to stick her nose in and screech in the street.

Sophie is well beyond the holier than thou Christian she has pretended to be. Well spotted that she has harbored a thief and been one herself - and I don't recall her having a mental illness as the underlying cause of either of these incidents. It is well beyond time for useless Sophie to move on.

The only upside to this story is that it helps to demonstrate how judgmental and condemning many people actually are when it comes to people who have mental illness. If you have a heart attack, you are a victim even if your lifestyle contributed to your condition. If you have mental illness, you are a crazy lunatic who can't be trusted and should be run out of town.

vintgal003 said...

Am loving the 'Sal for councilwoman' storyline....excellent!! LOVE Aidan and Eva...well suited! Great recap Glenda....keep um coming!!

Cobblestone said...

Isn't the true reason for Sally's hostility towards Jenny simple jealousy over Rita's affections. It was after the big breach occurred between Jenny & Rita, years ago, that Rita alighted on Sally and started treating her like a surrogate daughter. Jenny's return undermines that relationship. Much of Sall's vitriol has been directed at Rita, exhorting her to 'come to her senses'.

Newfy Pearl said...

Please help...did I miss something? I found it odd that Eva would go out for an evening with a gorgeous dress on with no coat or wrap when it was raining....and according to the reaction of others on the street, it looked chilly.
She had a coat on when she spoke to the Polish girl....what happened to it.
P.S. Polish girls do not fare well in Carla's factory...someone should warn

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