Monday, 1 February 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 1 February

Johnny genuinely wants to help. Carla is coming out of hospital today and Nick hasn’t had time to get any shopping in. Kate offers to do it, then Johnny sees that this could be his chance to help. At Carla’s flat he drops a coffee jar and is just clearing it up when Michelle and Carla return. Carla is discussing Robert’s buying into Nick’s business. She says, ‘Having slept with his new partner’s fiancée, how can he work with Nick knowing what we did? Guilt’s eating away at me every time I see him.’

Carla then notices Johnny and wonders why he’s hiding and what he heard.  Johnny replies, ‘I wasn’t hiding. I was just putting the shopping away.’ Carla asks him how much he heard and tells him that she ‘was in a terrible, sickening place.’ Johnny claims that he won’t say anything to Robert though not long after he spots Robert, and, coming up behind him says,’ Me and you need some words, sunshine!’ Johnny tells Robert that he must pull out of the deal for the Bistro and that he, Johnny knows about Robert and Carla. Robert does say that he will not tell anyone but he does have that weapon should he need to use it. Robert says he doesn’t know what ‘Daddy/daughter’ issues he and Carla may have, but Robert wants to be left out of it.

Anna and Kevin seem to be back on track and despite Phelan’s presence and his approach to Kevin in the Bistro about work, Kevin stands firm. Surely Phelan won’t let it rest at that.

Rita couldn’t be kinder if she tried. Jenny is consuming all Rita’s time and emotions and is determined to help Jenny over her past difficulties. Rita is super defensive of Jenny and is setting her stall out to try to make people understand why Jenny behaved as she did. Norris is cold and cutting in his comments but Rita says that, ‘If everyone who Norris had insulted dropped dead, I’d be up to my knees in corpses.’ In the café Kate is rather unpleasant to Jenny until Rita invites her to sit down and hear the full story. Most movingly Jenny tells of how she ‘Can’t put it into words how it feels to throw soil on your child’s coffin.’

Sally is concerned for Rita. ‘It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt- Rita.’  Sally is concerned that Sophie ran out of the pub crying. Sally is angry and tells Rita that she is not Mother Theresa, just in case Rita had had a crisis of identity. ‘You work in a sweet shop.’ Sally reminds her. ‘Sally adds. ’Don’t come crying to me when she’s smothered you in your bed for your pension book.’ Is Jenny trustworthy? Does she, as Tim says she does, deserve a second chance? He tells everyone how he rules the roost in their house and no one knows that that is untrue more than Tim himself, who admits to feeling a little anxious about going home and facing the music. Sally’s command or a fresh pint - and the pint won.  Anyway, Tim brings Kate back home with him to speak to Sophie.

Sally is spying but says she is just concerned for Sophie’s welfare. That may be part of it but Tim is bang on the money when he says, ‘No you’re not. You’re just concerned that you’re missing out on juicy gossip.’

Sally in the factory shows insensitivity once more. After having sold her engagement ring because they are in debt, Fiz is late back to work. Sally has a go at her, then Fiz explains and says that from now on it will be Fresco Fundamentals which, Sally claims, she wouldn’t give to a dog. For Sally it’s always Freshco Finest. It is Kate who points out how insensitive Sally is.

Later Johnny returns to Carla’s and though she is still brusque and curt with him she is the warmest she has ever been towards him. He brings up the night that Robert and Carla got together and explains how he feels guilty about it.  As Carla points out not only has she just discovered that he is her dad, the last thing she wants to do is discuss her sex life with him. Quite so Carla.

Instead of chatting to Carla and eating Michelle’s Shepherd’s Pie, Johnny should be attending the dinner party that the O’Driscolls are holding. Luckily Eva accompanies Aidan. Eva is very glamorously dressed in a figure hugging red dress, believing she was going to a party and is a bit over dressed for a dinner party.  Amusingly, when Eva is asked if she would like a pashmina, she replies that she will drink anything. Best line of the night! Despite her feeling uncomfortable, Eva gets Aidan out of a tricky situation when she volunteers to do a turn, a rendition of Big Spender. And what a great job she made of it!

Aidan is furious with his father for not turning up, and berates him for not turning up at the party. ‘You’ve let me down tonight – again. I’m getting used to this.’

Mary is eating Penguin biscuits by way of comfort while sobbing on the sofa and listening to Dido, while comparing herself to Dido and claiming that they are both ethereal creatures. Dev is clearly worried about her. He calls on Erica to see if she can help.  Erica tells Mary that they are worried about her. Mary is holding a book called A Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Mary tells Dev and Erica that she may as well sew a great big H on her favourite knitwear. Erica reminds her that whore begins with W, which Mary takes as proof of what Weatherfield thinks of her. Mary was planning to sew H for Harlot.
Ruth @ruth1722
Ruth @ruth1722

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Louby said...

Best bit of last night's episodes was Phelan's creepy Hannibal Lecter face.

Patti is doing a great job being heartbroken Mary, but please! Enough already!

John McE said...

Am I the only one who finds Mary's long speeches absolutely tortuous?

Laura said...

No John you are not alone....I never could stand Mary. She was a nutcase from the beginning. They are really overdoing her "patter" lately, it's quite annoying and over the top.

Tvor said...

I have great sympathy for Mary and her reactions are typical of her. She's over the top in everything she does, why should heartbreak be any different?

Aidan is turning into a thoroughly dislikeable person. He's uncompromising, rude and thoughtless and he's a bit of a bully. I don't know if they're trying to make him similar to Mike Baldwin but if they are, then they forgot that charm Mike had that took the edge off the rest of his ruthless persona. He didn't have a lot of respect for his father before all this business came out and he's got even less now. I want to shake him and tell him to grow up. He treated Eva appallingly last night, even tossing her into the van rather than helping her in. He really needs cutting down off that high horse.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how much more trial and tribulations they could put in 2x30 min eps. I have to agree with Tvor about Aidan, he was rude and childish, which he doesn't play well. He's much better at being a charmer with a twinkle in his eye. And let's face it, if he could ignore Eva in that dress then he really does have a problem. Her karaoke singing was classic. I'm loving her more and more. Same for Kate - it's obvious they are grooming her to take over from Carla and I honestly believe she will be able to pull it off. She can see past the obvious and look at both sides of the picture and be sweet, calm and generous. Ditto for Tim. They are a breath of fresh air compared to many others in the cast.

abbyk said...

Watching Eva's karaoke I thought this is why I love Corrie. From getting into that dingy all glammed up to pashminas, she was wonderful. The return of Jason the plank (read a book, you first), Kate growing up a bit, Jonnie trying to do the same but failing, all with a dollop of curdled Phelan, there was soooooo much to enjoy.

Rita and Jennie, she's a kind, lonely older woman who has lost so many loved ones. Jennie is her step-daughter. For better or worse, they're family and that's what family does. No one criticizes Ken for giving his little murderer a home, so, for now, I'm giving Rita a pass.

Mary, oh finally folk are noticing she's gone crackers. I'm with John and Laura, her torrents make me cringe. The delivery makes for great stand up comedy but it isn't how normal adults converse or behave. Really like how Dev handled everything tonight but hope he keeps a wary eye on her. Ran out of As, ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

Loving Dev and Mary together at the moment--not only are they funny--they're both such drama queens--but it's been really touching seeing this side of Dev--compassionate, loving even, to a woman who is his friend, not his love interest or conquest. In fact, really liking Corrie at the moment for some of its thoughtful depictions of caring, loving relationships that are NOT sexual--Kate trying to cheer up her father as he reflects on Carla; Luke coming by with chocolates for Audrey; Dev and Norris so concerned about Mary; Cathy watching over nephew Alex in the cafe; Rita taking Jenny back into her home.This ability to focus in a moving and meaningful way on relationships that are NOT romantic has always been what distinguished Corrie for me from American soaps. And this is the Corrie Street I want to live on--not the one with a murder rate higher than Midsommer and more partner swapping than a swingers club! Jeanie

Christine K said...

How many bedrooms are there in Dev's house again? I'm guessing 4? What about Eileen's and Fiz and Tyrone's? You could fit an army in those places.

Ancient corrier said...

Christine K this really annoys me too, those houses are 2 up2 down terraces with small bathrooms and kitchens, I'm so fed up with the number of bodies they squeeze into them.

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