Friday, 1 January 2016

Preview of New Year's Day on Coronation Street

Friday 1st January
CARLA AND ROBERT’S WORLDS COLLIDE Telling Nick she needs to keep herself busy to take her mind off Johnny, Carla insists on going to work. Desperate to protect Aidan and Kate, Johnny begs Carla not to spill the beans. Carla angrily tells him she’ll keep his dirty little secret if in return, he leaves the factory and moves away. Will Johnny comply? Carla shows Michelle a visiting order from Rob. Michelle reckons she should go and hear Rob’s side of the story but sick of everyone giving her advice, Carla storms out. Immersing herself in a game of roulette, Carla’s surprised when Robert, still cut up over Tracy, enters the casino and joins her at the table. Having won a small fortune, Robert and Carla celebrate with a drink. On a high, Robert suggests they take the champagne to a bedroom, will Carla agree?
ROY FINDS NESSA’S LOVE LETTER TO ALAN Cathy suggests to Roy that as her New Year’s resolution, she’d like to clear the remaining rubbish out of her house. As Roy goes through Alan’s old paperwork he comes across a letter and reads it with dismay.
NORRIS REFUSES TO WAVE EMILY OFF Whilst Emily enthuses to Billy about her trip to Peru, Norris continues to make jibes, suggesting she’s too old to work as a volunteer. Knowing how much he cares for Emily, Rita advises Norris to put things right between them as he’ll regret it if he doesn’t.
ELSEWHERE Eva and Aidan emerge from the bedroom. Eva confides in Leanne that she really likes him and doesn’t want to mess it up. In an attempt not to appear too keen, Eva makes out to Kate that Aidan spent the night on the sofa. Aidan’s hurt and Eva worries she might have blown it.

Friday 1st January
CARLA RISKS IT ALL ON ROBERT Robert and Carla kiss passionately whilst ripping at each other’s clothes. Michelle and Nick continue to fret over Carla, wondering where she’s got to. Realising the stupidity of what she’s done, Carla tells Robert he must never breathe a word and hurries from the hotel. Calling Michelle to her flat, Carla confesses that she had sex with Robert. Michelle’s stunned. Robert arrives for work late at the bistro and covering his guilt, apologises to Nick. Weighed down with remorse Carla arrives to see Nick. When Robert comes out of the kitchen, Carla can barely look at him. Whilst Nick serves, Carla has a quiet word with Robert telling him she’s engaged to the best man in the world and that as far she’s concerned, their earlier indiscretions never happened. Will Robert agree to keep quiet?
ROY WRESTLES WITH HIS LOVE LETTER DILEMMA Roy comforts Cathy as she sorts through Alan’s stuff, pushing thoughts of the incriminating letter to the back of his mind. But Roy later confides in Anna who is shocked to read the letter, which reveals that Alan had an affair with Nessa, Cathy’s sister. Meanwhile Ken cancels dinner with Roy and Cathy when Nessa gets called away to collect a drunken Alex.
EMILY EMBARKS ON HER GREAT ADVENTURE As Rita, Mary, Ken and Billy see Emily off on her trip to Peru, Norris arrives and hands her a bag full of pencils explaining they’re to help with her voluntary work at the school. Will Emily and Norris clear the air before she leaves?
ELSEWHERE When Eva discovers Aidan and Kate had a bet on whether he’d sleep with Eva before the year was out, she’s furious and pours Aidan’s drink over his head.

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1 comment:

John McE said...

What were the chances of Carla find a waiting taxi immediately outside the (closed) factory... on New Year's Day!

My hope for 2016 is that the new producer brings some semblance of reality back to the show, because God knows, it is has certainly been lacking recently.

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